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Most forums of this sort seem to have a notification setup to change whether you're notified via email of activity and replies. I can't find anything on this site though.

Can someone either point me in the direction of where I should look or let me know if this is possible?

@Staffy Lee I'm pretty sure they are not available. @Eric Distad would have more information.

However, if someone responds directly to you they can tag you. To see who (if anyone) has tagged you click on "My Mentions" on the smaller menu to the side (or bottom if on a phone) of the forum, your profile page, or scroll down just a hair on the main page.

@Staffy Lee Unfortunately there really isn't an email messaging piece currently built in. We have had issues with our email getting bounced as spam from ISP and people flagging it as spam/unsolicited, which has caused other problems, so we've so far avoided sending a lot of email. If it's something that a majority of users want, we can look into the issue a bit more deeply and see what such a change would entail.

As a side note, the forums do display when replies have been added to a thread. If there is a particular thread you are interested in, you can always bookmark it to keep it in your bookmark list. As @tcelliott mentioned, there are the @ mention functions that can also be used to track interactions.

Thanks @tcelliott and @Eric Distad
It seems a combination of tags and bookmarks should do the trick!