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I am starting to see more of these, e.g.:

( --- above, is EXAMPLE ONLY... seems like a nice crowd, but not about that link, read below... )

However, while they say North Jersey, "Morristown" is borderline "Central" NJ too. Yet, is not. They're mountain folks and we are flat landers Smile ... anyway...

So, rather then "copy" or detract, wondered if could **augment (eventually to them, their venue), but from, ---- in my area specifically, organised first, ---- with a "5-days" in hot August, 7:30 p - 9:30 p, since acoustic and on semi-rural, private land... 10 p could be doable... who wants to stay up late on a week night anyway.

But, not sure of the many "to-do's"... (not an idiot Smile or stupid kid here, --blunt)... **but, seeking the council of many... anyway...

--- My specific location has so much musical talent, it's disgusting.

However, **more disgusting is that they just can NOT, seem to get together, easily. Unsure of why.

I know, if it makes the 6 o'clock news... many of my "almost famous" friends, then will be a calling, --but, not what I am seeking (another venue for their stuff anyway, primarily, others-first this time ...). Rather, pure "CBGB", original only, but of a Folk, Folk-rock, Christian-fork, R&B, Spiritual (acapella even, in the field spiritual -chants, prayers, Rap, even), ... of that skew-nature... gathering in the Piscataway, New Brunswick, Dunellen, Bridgewater, Manville -- Central, New Jersey area. (Dead center to that and, like 30 min south of the Morristown crowd, -- long, far, by NJ standard, hahhh... :~)

I've got a Venue on a quiet road, off of Rt 22 East/West, a major road, loops back too... ~3+ acre field, with an old elementary-school connected to Chapel building, guessing roughly 4K sq feet (meaning bathrooms in basement, etc.) However, no, -- no AC... --just fling open the Front doors that face the Road, add a modest 300 Watt PA (prior to 9 pm) with, industrial fan at top of the steps, and vwah laugh, ~~ "Dog days of summer - hot August nights, Original Music Festival" central NJ ... ? :~) ... like Friday to Sunday 7:30p - 9:30p as I said, or even Wed - Sun with big BYOFD Pic nic... -- It's a poor church in a wealthy area... but, know they/we can handle the electric bill for "that", --no summer Bible Study for kids this year -- no kids... . So, the legistics are minimal for that, other than, why I post...

- Worth attempting?
- Council of many say what?
- Take donations... if even $1 per, would cover the light bill, if got to 50, 100? even?
- What am I missing?
- Bad idea?
- Good idea, but, doomed to fail, because....?

I know I could just show up, and sit there with the doors open and play to the road... (barring my carpel tunnel issues lately...) ... why couldn't 100 new friends show up, too?

---- Anyway, just thinking... probably should just keep it to myself, but had some time today and have not been able to write much, so it, creativity seems to ooze out other ways that I an't seem to stop it. Smile

I think that maybe a one day festival would be easier than spreading it out a few hours for several days. It would be easier for people to make the commitment. I know concerts and festivals are hard to organize and very hard to establish. You'd need to be willing to put in a lot of hours for not much return the first year. But more music festivals are always a good thing. I think the first step is to talk to all your music friends and find out if they're interested and figure out a date. I would also work up a really solid promotional plan. Maybe not the 6pm news, but you're going to want non performers to show up.

Alternatively you might want to consider starting with a monthly song circle or jam session and building a base that way. It's less work initially, but takes more long term commitment from you. Maybe turn it into a potluck and invite community members to come and listen and sing along. Maybe you could work in conjunction with a local church and double it as a food drive or clothing drive. That gets you some audience and help with promotion right there.

I don't know. I'm just throwing ideas out there. The best thing would be to find someone who's doing what you want to do and ask them how they're doing it.

Wow..., great stuff, thank you!

Yes, too, especially asking others who've been there, doing it. (Money's not a motivator at all in this, too, so..., that's not an issue Smile )

-- Hey, any other comes to mind, feel free to note it here.


I found this interesting... in seeing where others had these "things", -- one, uses a YMCA 275 Acre Camp very close to me. Their "Planning Packet" is as organized as I've seen with things I may not have considered easily early on. I am sure the more experienced folks are fully aware, so not putting down links possibly seen as silly, already known information, --new to me, nonetheless. Anyone can "google" this stuff once in the swing of it.

I had an idea, since actually all the great ideas of how to "start small"... don't seem to work, --and for many good reasons too. I get it. This place I comment above, faces a "comfortably" close rural town, back road, yet "traveled". So, thought, and might do it..., just open the doors "hot august nights", e.g. Wednesday... facing the road. They'd see, "some crazy person Smile with guitar" singing to the road... and stop? What's the difference, I am "supposing"... (opinions?), ... it's not a small group (with "those" issues). It is wide open... and one off, but could, pending what happens, be more. I know it sounds unusual. I see it like
[* "Busking" ] (yes BUSKING but as a building? : ) ... you just do it, -- and see who stops, even throws money at you. You can Plan and Flyer all you want and nothing..., or just go for it and see; nothings lost. Then you get to say you "did that" : )

--- Well, anyway, just jotting down notes to self here... : )