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[ OK I'm Flipping this for the 5090 end ***]

... ... you are surprised a number of folks [*** do not] "like" (so to speak)? Why surprised? Why [*** not] "liked", if folks articulated that? [Well, so to speak, --the feedback I get that comments new directions I listen to, since they took the time to express "that".]

-- Me, I have at least two, and will comment them later.

I assume we all have songs we post we know/feel has that "something", but then doubt much of a response may occur, if at all, --then, it does. Now, a "response" doesn't mean "20 posts"... rather, as for me, the ones I got were "authentic", and held meaning to "you/me", for some reason.

(I still remember my first FAWM, a couple of songs got only a very few comments, but, wow, --meaningful, and then therefore, motivating... very helpful. It's something quantity just won't supply, imo (in my observation Smile ).)

I wrote a skirmish song "This F*(@#$*ing Computer" that has double digit comments. I know part of them are from fellow skirmishers, but it's odd to me that it has double digits when only a handful of others do. I don't even remember how it goes, but I'm positive it isn't the best example of my songwriting skills.

OK, I said I'd comment "mine" later... well, I was surprised by the interest at all, and then too, for me as I see it, the authentic interest in the "Lords Prayer" and also my first ever, and onliy NSFW "Sit down, shut up, and write your check" Smile

For me, what comes from that goes back to my first fawm, (regardless of many other resources over time), -- folks commented "stuff" in a unique to them manner, and was for me affective, unique to "here". The affect/effect shows up in the then "not surprised" as liked songs!... kind where "they" come from, well for me anyway.

-- I don't think I read into a comment, but do try to get fully what is attempted to be communicated, --so think about it, read more of their stuff if need be, and etc., (it's not a "hit" count for me, at all). One great comment from one great individual, for me, can make the effort even more motivated. So when certain folks now say, even, (so to speak), "like it, sounds good" ... well I tend to know what that means "from them". As well, some here know about that from "me", too Smile

I'm genuinely surprised how well my 10-in-10 "Yard Tour" has been received. It was a surprising amount of work to do 10 minature songs but it was fun.

'Death in the Dirt' - it was virtually made up on the spot (then tweaked a fair bit - but it was still almost a skirmish)

I'm surprised that "Happy Little Trees" has gotten over 20 comments, considering that it's a weird little odd-time instrumental.
I guess there are a lot of Bob Ross fans around here.

I have one song on my soundcloud called "Twizzle Dizzle"; it was a skirmish song conversation of two people deciding which best-picture-nominated movies to see, based only on the names of the movies. It's about 1 minute long. I personally do not think it's very good, I think it's "fine". It has 867 plays on my soundcloud as of today.

To put that in perspective, I had a clip of one of my songs played for a segment on NPR down here in DC, and that song, which received some radio airtime and cross-promotion from NPR, has 117 plays. I may never get it.

My song 5/4 Trap took like 10 minutes to make and I'm getting essays for comments about time signatures and stuff, which i wasn't expecting at all, but I definitely appreciate it <3

So from here down... and I will comment mine after a while...
... from here down, songs you thought, "wow, they're gonna
LOVE this one!" and -- "eh, kinda no stampede, well, not yet
anyway Lol Lots of skirmish activity... and, etc.

(Elaborate if can, --I know I'll learn from it, which is why I ask.)