Fixing typos in tags. Yes, I've done it again

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I'm sure that in past years there was a way you could open a tag for editing after it had been saved so that you could fix typos. You can't do it just by opening the tagged song and editing the tag there—when you click "save" the tag remains as it was in all its embarrassing wrongness. Can anyone enlighten me how to fix my goofs, please?

I added another tag to a tune just this morning using the "edit" feature.
It seems to work for me!

Gah, now you've given me a Brittney Spears earworm.

@Fuzzy Yes, you can add a new tag with edit, but if you come back to a song page and notice that you've typed (as I did) "Native INstruments" in a tag and go back and edit it to read "Native Instruments", when you click save, the change you make is ignored. It still shows as "Native INstruments".

And me being me, it's *really* bugging me...

(Chewing gum fixes earworms for many people, according to some neuroscientists!)

Try deleting it, saving the song and then adding it back after.

@tcelliott Tried that. It automatically inserts the old tag, even after I'd deleted it from both songs where it was used.

@headfirstonly perhaps it is because the only difference is one capitalized letter. when i name something wrong in my computer file system, it doesn't recognize that. i had to add a character to the title, save it like that, and then i would delete the added character and change the capitalization, and it would take both changes, because i was changing to that file name from a file name it read as different, which it is not sensing when capitalization is the only difference.
it works for files, but for a tag, i bet it would save each iteration. and the way the tags edit vs the way file names edit could be vastly different.
just a thought.

I'm not sure why you're having problems.
I've just been messing about with my tags, and I'm having no problems changing them around during an edit (I've added letters, subtracted letters, etc.).
You just gotta beware of that dropdown tags list; it really really wants to impose those already-existing tags on you.

I don't think tags are case sensitive, just like usernames. The tag will be created with the initial capitalization, and then any future tags will fall into the same capitalization regardless of what you write. I know this because I only write lowercase tags, but some of them save with capital letters because someone else has already created that tag and they put a capital letter.

Anyone bother asking @Eric Distad?