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Hey everyone, NuJ4X here.

So, in February you all heard my debut single "Dab (On Dem Haterz)" and I released the music video for it on April 3rd, 2018. Since then, its picked up about 9500+ views, gotten me featured on over 20+ blogs, on radio stations all over the world, in two magazines, and friendly with one of the most legendary sound innovators of our time, iLL Gates.

OH! And if you have a Roku device, you can download the app "Music Video King" and find my video under the EDM section!

Since then, I've been assembling the most legendary indie magazine issue with one of the companies that featured me backing my idea. That leads me to this thread and this point of it! I'm lucky enough to be blessed with creating a tiny rumble and as I move forward, hopefully that rumble will continue to grow!

So here's what I'm doing. I'm looking for songwriters. Lyrical folks that feel like collaborating for 50/90, and will contribute to the songs I release. I'm offering split royalties, IF you are registered with a PRO (as you should be) and I'm looking to make new friends, make cool songs, and have mutual pride in what we create.

Hit me up here if you're interested and we'll decide a way to communicate and get this show on the road! Happy 50/90!

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Man, you have been busy...

Hi NuJ4X! What kind of lyrics are you looking for? I'm a lyricist, vocalist and songwriter, looking for someone with electronic production chops. Could be a good collab, but just let me know more about what kind of music, what's the vibe, the mood you want people to feel when they hear your music?

littlespiral, thanks for your reply! I didn't expect to get any replies until 50/90 started so I'm super excited!

Right now, I'm focusing on catchy tunes. Take a moment (if you haven't heard it already) and check out:

Also, check for my first 50/90 submission which will be an updated song since FAWM.

I create EDM tracks that are genre-hopped with pop electro. I can do pretty much anything in the EDM spectrum, house, trap, trance, future bass, etc and I write catchy songs, fun songs, feel good songs! I want listeners to feel happy and excited! I want listeners to see NuJ4X as the go-to guy for fun, upbeat, super catchy tunes.

I like to feel good and I like to make others feel good. All dance tracks, all the time! Like get in your car, roll down the windows or put the top down, and just drive and scream along as happy as can be! Energetic, pumped up, YEAH! music Biggrin

Hi there. I do lyrics and also produce, But i have a period of 50/90 (early on) when i can only do lyrics. So would be a good time to collab. I will have a listen to your stuff. Cheers. C

I'd be keen to collab Coolparadiso! I got tons of ideas to spitball back and forth with you and see what we could come up with! I feel like it would be hella fun make and I'd love to turn your words into EDM gems! Biggrin

Hey @NuJ4X I'm more of a singer/songwriter ala Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson, but that doesn't mean I don't like an upbeat uplifting happimaking electronic track. I just haven't learned to produce them yet. So, I'll check out your tune, and maybe we could do something together. "acoustronic? :)_

Lets do it man! I'm into it!

We are on. Next week Tuesday to Friday at least - i am lyrics only ( i am at a hospital while wife is having treatment (yay last lot) - so i sit and have my ipad poised and have this as my happy lyrics spell. stay in touch - and i will let you know - will probably have a few. cheers