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Two years ago I was at 49 when the site went down, then the site closed early for posting on the last day. I had 24 lyrics that were either complete and I had not gotten around to putting them to music, or the beginnings of a lyric. Eric fixed the site timer error and I had time to post them with the intent to come back to them later. I didn't finish any of them and most ended up as zongs. Even though I am over 50 and met my goals, today I am striving to similarly finish a few. I just incorporated a partly done lyric with a skirmish prompt and hope to finish off a few more today in-between or after the megasuperskirmish, including a hanging collab, my last leg of an anti-syn, and last leg of a morph chain. Meanwhile, my brain hurts but I feel the need to do this because of my two week hiatus from Hurricane Irma and need to get back in the groove. How about you?

Well, I am rooting for you!

This year I seemed to wind-up, not down at the end... so was sort of not putting it here as work in progress, --I'll vet on my own as well as I can..., I guess! I see all the wonderful skirmish results and etc., so, I expect you (andy) may get a good bit of feedback next week (?)... when folks are done working and etc.

It was a great year for me, I cleaned up allot of old stuff as discussed (with you too?) in the "PRE-5090" forum we had this year (nice!); and, I got maybe another half dozen other I would not have otherwise had that I kinda like a good bit. And, stuff started to "flow" this week, so am capturing allot of notes on ripped paper and etc. Lol Hahhh...

As has happened, I think I'll be around and even look again for another PRE-5090 Forum to open with, --that seemed affective for me. I think there was like a half a dozen of us in that (I thought you were one of them). I think it got "saved" for here since was so current, but I am not sure, --but, thought it got archived, preserved somehow.

I want to make it to 35. I have two unfinished pieces - and running today's last skirmish would get me to that number

Well, I posted four I liked well enough as WIP (three lyrics only, one has chords) for potential rewrites. I found a few other song ideas handwritten that I didn't even want to transcribe. Also did the morph, anti-syn, finally added a little guitar over a delayed collab, as mentioned and another last minute collab putting music to someones lyric. I was absolutely not expecting to break 90 again this year Dash 1 My brain hurts! I'm taking the rest of the week off. Maybe I could actually practice a few new 5090 songs for my farmers market gig Saturday where @Chip Withrow also hangs out at times.