Finish Your Fawm 2018 Placeholders Now!

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We can't post demos yet. We can't do anything but to hang in forums and greet people. But if you have any placeholders without a demo from this year's Fawm now is the perfect time to demo those.

It's a good way to check your recording gear, tune your guitar and open up your voice etc and generally get ready for 50/90. So get those placeholders done! Maybe somebody will even comment those, if you just post a link here. If you do them after 50/90 they'll end up in Zong-land and nobody wants that. Hopefully I'll get maybe three of mine done in the weekend. You do the same and we'll see you later. Smile

Excellent idea! Thank you! stop here's mine, feeling frost.

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And if you're wondering how to Finnish stuff, just add accordion and drink a 24 pack of beer. Wink

Well, I've Finnished with them by deleting them. Time for 50/90 for me now. If something resurfaces from FAWM I'll just mention it in my liner notes. Happy 50/90.
Nadia ~

@IA I have to admit, it was a typo. Didn't mean to promote Finland or say that according to the studies the happiest people live in Finland and Finland's publicly-financed health care system is among the best, most cost efficient and state-of-the-art in the world. And I won't even mention the best in the world school and library systems.

I just meant so say that finish your Fawm placeholders now. If 24 pack of beer helps then make it so. Smile

@Klaus and @IA I've edited the title of the thread and posted here so newcomers will know what's going on.

@Klaus I found your typo very witty Smile

I got one placeholder done. Black Is Only Blue is a lyric by @pambowen and acoustic demo by me:

Somebody please unzong it if you don't have anything better to do.

@pearlmanhattan I listened your Feeling Frost. Lyrics were really nice and your bluesy singing was a pleasure. It wasn't a zong anymore, the lyrics had some comments, but now the music and demo has one comment.

@musicsongwriter Oh, even my typos are witty! Thakn yuo for teh copmliment. Smile

Sheesh, I made a little typo. So Suomi.

Thank you for your comment @Klaus I do appreciate it

This was done Thuesday and now it's posted. Bodies For Bucks, lyrics by @kahlo2013, sung by anti-Klaus! Yep, it's a gloomy jazzy ditty about prostitution, folks. Original placeholder title: "This Could Be a Song".