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Here's a challenge you may remember! I have a lot of song ideas that never get finished between FAWM and 50/90, and I'd like to put some of them to good use, so each Friday during 50/90, I'm going to try to turn one of these ideas into a complete song. Now, while this technically goes against the rules of 50/90 (Some of the material is written beforehand), ultimately, I feel like it will be more useful and fun for me in the long run. I am, however, going to count each song whose skeleton was written before 50/90 as a half a song, as only some of the material will be new.

So, feel free to post some songs you've finished up in this thread when the time comes! Hope this helps some people, not only with 50/90, but also getting some more motivation to get quality songs done.

I intend to collaborate with @Klaus on Finnish Friday.

Definitely interested Smile

@Stephen Wordsmith Has anybody tried a true Finnish Friday song yet? I know the term's been thrown around. :p

Yep. Probably. And tag it #finishfridays

I intend to finish my elusive collab with you @Stephen Wordsmith this 50/90, and I have a couple of songs I didn't finish during FAWM, that I haven't listened to since, that I might bother finishing if they're not completely awful.

This is very good news, @Mt.Mélodie. I look forward to hearing the result.

[edit] Successfully hyperlinked your name on attempt #6, woo!

"I Fell Behind" but I'm catching up. Started finishing last Friday, finally finished this Friday.

Late to my own challenge if you can believe it! :P

This took more than one Friday but here it is. Basic riff from 2009! Lyric from week2 challenge.

Took just a little bit over a year

Started on this song last 50/90 with a lyrics by [@StephenWordsmith], finally managed to finish it today.