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So I've had an idea for something I'm going to try to do during 50/90 that I'd like to share with others, that I think would be helpful. I have a lot of song ideas that never get finished between FAWM and 50/90, and I'd like to put some of them to good use, so each Friday during 50/90, I'm going to try to turn one of these ideas into a complete song. Now, while this technically goes against the rules of 50/90 (Some of the material is written beforehand), ultimately, I feel like it will be more useful and fun for me in the long run. I am, however, going to count each song whose skeleton was written before 50/90 as a half a song, as only some of the material will be new.

So, feel free to post some songs you've finished up in this thread when the time comes! Hope this helps some people, not only with 50/90, but also getting some more motivation to get quality songs done.

Sounds like a great idea!

I've got a couple of bits that I'm going to finish for 50/90 (lyrics with no music). I don't see it as cheating. I see it as collaborating with my former self.

I found a stack of half-written lyrics from [many] years ago. If I get very bored, I may look at them for inspiration - steal the best phrases, the best themes. Maybe a character. But I haven't had to look at them for years, so I don't expect to do that Smile

Bad eyesight: thought I read Finnish Fridays, as in, Finnish Heavy Metal Fridays, which would also be rather cool. Biggrin

Great idea @Powerstars! I've got tons of random lines from the last 6 months or so. They deserve attention too. Smile
@TomS, now I'm craving our traditional family recipe for Finnish pancake. Eggs, milk, sugar, and butter... So bad for me, but so good. Kinda like you! Wink

Pancakes with gluten? You are a murderess, Adnama.

I'm assuming you meant without. Ha! But it does have a bit o' flour. So yummy!

I had considered this anyway. Now I have a reason go on. Finish Friday it is.

That's a great idea, I'll also join you! I wont reach 50 anyway, a bit of "cheating" wont make a difference Smile
Should we have a tag for this challenge?

@katpiercemusic I think that's an excellent way to think of it!

@tootoobee Would love to have a tag for it.

I actually have a bunch that this would work for. I haven't decided yet, but it sure sounds like a great way to get some things done so I can move on.

@Powerstars, sounds like a really good idea, as I guess most people like me unfinished tunes and ideas lying around
Probably a good idea to get them out of the system and make room for some new ones instead.

Finnish Friday? Start drinking at five and get totally hammered by ten?

Oh, I see I misread it like @TomS. Smile

I'm finishing some songs this 50/90, but only those I started in this years Fawm. And it's my fourth year and my Fawm was interrupted by medical reasons. Those are valid excuses. I'm NOT cheating! Smile

On the other hand using old ideas and titles has always been ok, I think. Most of my ideas are "old" anyway, even if I get them during the Challenge.

Great plan!

@Klaus, that sounds like a prescription for creativity to me! Smile And as for the somewhat sloppy guitar solos we'll be playing at 9:45, just minutes prior to the "totally hammered" state achieved by 10, well, we can fix it in the mix! Right? Biggrin

I approve of "Finnish" Fridays, as I will be in Finland for part of September! Smile

Yes @TomS you can fix anything with a right mix. I usually mix vodka with some Sprite...:)

For a joke, we could go with #perjantai ... Google translate says it's the Finnish word for Friday.
I have some unfinished stories, aborted screenplays, etc. that I may mine for inspiration.

Hey @iveg! Your idea for a tag is very good. But of course I'm a bit biased...

Hmm... I might join in with this. Of course, that may just mean every Friday I'm doing a song more finished than my normal bit of noise... My normal demos are half-complete according to most standards as it stands, so practicing completing them now and then sounds fun.

There are only guidelines
Russ Beee

Vodka and Sprite? I'm pretty certain that's not an IBA official cocktail, @Klaus! Smile

You can always hold the Sprite, @TomS. Less Sprite, more inspiration. Smile

Limon rum & Sprite I have often 'round here. Call it a 'sprum'. Very tasty indeed!

I demand only
IBA sanctioned cocktails
Proletarians! Smile

Very on board with this idea, both in and out of 50/90. I have plenty of scraps that would take additional effort to be properly 'written' during the challenge. I really have trouble finishing stuff if I don't dig in right away and see it through. Discipline *sigh*. Gonna give this a shot and see how it goes! ^~^

I wrote a song for the Facebook skirmish group and decided to not post it. My plan was to scavenge it for parts - titles, scraps of lyrics, guitar licks.
I just gave it a re-listen and it's not bad - I could even imagine the Allman Brothers doing it (and man, do I love those guys!).
I'd still like to see how many new songs I can get out of that one. And if I had written it during 50/90, I would have gone ahead and posted it because I post everything then.

Like others I thought the topic was a Scandanavian reference yah. @Powerstars I use that approach too. Sometimes I feel like I am recycling old ideas anyway. Last year's 5090 I was at 49 songs on September 30 and posted 25 unfinished lyric ideas, cause like @Chip Withrow I post everything eventually. I still haven't finished any of those lyrics. I have been listing song ideas and themes since then and it really kicked up my output in November Solo Album Writing Month and FAWM where in a skirmish I referred to that song idea list for cross-pollination. Also in the Facebook skirmish group started after FAWM 2016. l also have hundreds of quickwrite songs from the last six years that I could be mining from. Since a morph (changing 50% of a song in the songwriting chain game) counts as a new song, I'm with @katpiercemusic considering that a collaboration with my former self. Still I'm likely to blather on in the liner notes about the song genesis.

I love the idea of Finnish Fridays as well. Might try that if I have extra time on one of the Finish Fridays. :P Gonna need to listen to some Finnish Metal for preparation.

So here's my first Finish. Technically I didn't do much work today, but that's because I'm going away in a couple of hours.

A song I started on during FAWM 2016 but didn't finish, it's not quite finished so I guess almost finished fridays would be a better tag Smile

I ran short of time at FAWM, and had only the chorus, so now this is finished, more or less.


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Brilliant.. Hell.. how do I put a link.. Well if you care to drop by there will be at least one Finish Friday song on my site..


One of the main reasons I had the Finish Friday idea to begin with.

Ok guys, I got one too. Finished the demo yesterday but it got so late that I went to bed instead and posted it today.
Song is about Tarantula. Simple acoustic but rocking demo.

Here's my 2nd Finish Friday song, and probably my last. I might do one possible rewrite/complete overhaul of a song from last year, but probably not.

Started on this song during FAWM this year, redid the vocals, mixed it a whole lot better and a bandmate that dropped by just to rehearse added some saxophone this morning.
Originally started on the song having PJ Harvey's Let England Shake album as a loose inspiration, I saw an amazing concert with her last night, and suddenly remembered this song.