Finirick (50/90 Limerick Thread)

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I see that we're not so elated
That this thread's not yet been created
So let's set this ocean
Of nonsense in motion
Although it's a wee bit belated

Hey, Tom, it appears you've been spared
For Stephen has already dared
I think this will do it
My senses intuit
Contagion of craziness shared

Th' delay should be closely examined,
Though by the results you'll be saddened.
FiNiku's long started,
But this? It's half- hearted...
The fact is, the Finirick's spavined.

It took me a while
To recognise the style
They said yeah Finirick
While ive never heard of it
But i still went the extra mile

As a student, I struggled with cursive
Went too far, it all wound up recursive
So now my manuscription's
Caused temp'ral disruption
As a student, I struggled with cursive...

Never could do joined up
Never was my cup
Of tea that is
Not lemon fizz
Thats what i like to sup

After my tough working day
This thread made its way
To my laptop
And it did pop
A smile to end my dismay

I've travelled 4000 kilometers
Experienced all kinds of thermometer...
Er, Readings, that is
Travel's a funny biz
and I need a sphygmomanometer.

My relief, it is true, knows no bounds
A klaxon of glee duly sounds!
I have been spared!
Finiricks have been shared!
And t'was not my responsibility! Zounds! Smile

I have never limericked before;
I had always thought it's a bore.
Thought I'd give it a try
And have found, my oh my,
The need to do it more and more!

Her real name could well have been 'Klaxon'
And here I'll start filling the facts in
As a bus-girl, dubbed "Oogi"
For her horn-like 'excuse me'
Her nickname got excellent traction

Limericks you say? How exciting!
And this thread seemed very inviting
Breathing deep, I begin
and throw some words in
in one sitting without rewriting!

Great to see so many try
Although i must say goodness why
You should be writing another song
Already been here far too long
So it must be time to say goodbye

Both Finiricks and Finikus matter
They're not simply idle chatter
They get the muse going
Perverse ideas they're sowing
And the listing of lyrics gets fatter!

In this case I simply agree
I will write these completely guilt-free!
It's not either/or
It's both/and and more!
(And I've just posted one more for me.)

Since I killed this thread, I'll revive it
If we go there again, I'll survive it
It's not as much fun
To compose for just one
But the rhythm and rhyme are what drive it

Such circumstances we all dread
But Barbara, you murdered the thread.
And so for your penance
to menend the fenence
must necromance it 'til undead

Who was it? the Goddess Osiris?
who taught us that death was a virus?
which, suitably tamed,
could be largely reframed
as a matter which doesn't retire us?

Which one of us, here, is the psychic?
If it's you, then just call me your sidekick:
cuz while you wrote that post,
I was penning a ghost,

A shout out to @Woody from Arkinsaw!
Last night I went down to the park and saw
An ark made of wood
And I sawed it real good
Yeah, I Noah few things about arks and saws!

on Rocky Top in Tennessee
I met a wildcat in a tree
sweet as sar-sap-a-rilla
but one half gorilla
I hope she still thinks about me

So, Finirick's not either/or
And Kierekegaard is such a bore
There's something existential
About poetry elemental
So, Barbara, I humbly request more!

In daring to let loose my footing
I know not in whose hands I'm putting
The all that I am
But because I can
My life will not be a bland pudding

You can think all your life that you're ice
and pile up the proofs, neat and nice
but one day in the sun
with no efforting done
you are water, absorbed, so enticed!

I once thought I was, baby!
Now I'm thinking that was silly, just maybe;
I'm 60% water,
And carbon, a quarter,
In conclusion: finiericks aren't hip hop, milady!

(Hey, it makes no sense, but it also doesn't quite rhyme, so, yeah.) Smile

I decided to be an Arkansan
so I moved here a bit south of Branson.
An old enough son
to have seen the first run
of “The Fugitive” with David Jansson

I decided to be an Arkansan
where hill-folk look like Charlie Manson
An old enough son
to have seen the first run
of “The Fugitive” with David Jansson

In Georgia I happened to be
when somebody nice smiled at me:
A woman in Kennesaw
I swore that a ten I saw
Then learned she was from Ten-I-see

I once was a man from Arkansas
Now I hail from Mackinaw
From bottom to top
This country country I hop,
Next? Canada! Ottawa! Smile

Keep heading North on your tour of -aws
And soon you'll be bunking with Santa Claus
His workshop's gone solar,
the bears are bi-polar,
Enjoy it now, before it thaws!

Soon the North Pole will be populated by crocodiles!
Theropoda roaming the British Isles!
The equator? A dead zone!
Humans just bleached bones!
Perhaps that's all that technology does: defiles!

I hate to throw on the wet blanket
But, sir, that was poison; you drank it.
Though planned for your rival
I'm not sure your wife'll
Be sorry your faux pas has sank it.