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Please do not despair;
Some songs is better than none.
We are all winners.

Been so long away
Expected bulk FiNikus....
Oh! so few, so few.

There is no failure!
Fifteen or fifty, so what?
Homophones rule, right?

If one misconstrues
And assigns me a trophy
Then it can’t be helped!

I award you the
Most appropriate trophy
Possible, which is... Biggrin

Atrophy to sickle moons
A cricket critters
All he wants in jumps

Toesicle moon pies
Strangely refreshing snack food—
Don’t overdo it!

Toeside pie problems?
See a good podiatrist
For a slice and scrape.

I lose track of time
One day to to this demo
And then the gates shut.

When one door closes
A wise person once told me
You can't go that route.

There is neither route
Nor innocent bystander,
Stuck on the door jamb