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I would not, do not,
Yield my subjectivity
The marrow of me

for in the making
a mist of our self hangs thick
which only we see

Things that I lack too
Despite a life-time's trying:
Faith and self-belief!

Object and subject
Walk into a bar.and they
Pummel Herr Hegel. Biggrin

As it would turn out,
You can't haggle in a bar:
They strongly object.

What. No songs today.
No songs yesterday either.
I'm getting behind!

The land of eight-balls.
Ev'rywhere I look I find
Just what I'm behind.

8 balls, eightfold path
Pieces of eight, eighteen tons
Heck, seven "ate" nine...

8 balls in a row?
Time for the old triple play!
(Risky strategy.)

Hockey triple play:
A goal, an assist, a fight _
Gordie Howe hat trick!

Just got out of bed.
Haven't even had coffee.
FiNiku comes first!

Day is almost done
I have had too much coffee!
FiNiKu comes last! Smile

Here we are, brand new!
First, last — it doesn’t matter.
Just etch your spirit.

My spirit itches
To sketch tunages unheard
It's an itch-a-sketch.

You must scratch that itch
By writing lots more great tunes;
Better get to it!

Today I laid a
Foundation, damn whistle pigs
Sure can mess things up.

Isaac Asimov?
Read the Foundation series?
Me? No, I confess.

Return of the pig :
Never believe that you have
Found all of the holes!

Groundhog Day again?
That’s a little ironic
Deja Vu, Part Two...

Dont' need deja vu
Haven't moved from the same spot
Infinite time loop

The CD stutter,
Turntable needle bobbing,
Life’s little repeats.

What is it called when
It's on the tip of your tongue?
Crap. I cannot quite...

My mind’s all bendy
In a Moebius striptease,
From your witty ‘ku!

Please offer us more.
Moebius striptease? Pointless!

Though it is pointless,
A good Moebius striptease
Goes on and on and......

No inside or out
No taking of sides at all
Just infinity

A true FiNiKu;
A puzzle akin to "mu!"
The shape with no sides.