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I would not, do not,
Yield my subjectivity
The marrow of me

for in the making
a mist of our self hangs thick
which only we see

Things that I lack too
Despite a life-time's trying:
Faith and self-belief!

Object and subject
Walk into a bar.and they
Pummel Herr Hegel. Biggrin

As it would turn out,
You can't haggle in a bar:
They strongly object.

What. No songs today.
No songs yesterday either.
I'm getting behind!

The land of eight-balls.
Ev'rywhere I look I find
Just what I'm behind.

8 balls, eightfold path
Pieces of eight, eighteen tons
Heck, seven "ate" nine...

8 balls in a row?
Time for the old triple play!
(Risky strategy.)

Hockey triple play:
A goal, an assist, a fight _
Gordie Howe hat trick!

Just got out of bed.
Haven't even had coffee.
FiNiku comes first!

Day is almost done
I have had too much coffee!
FiNiKu comes last! Smile

Here we are, brand new!
First, last — it doesn’t matter.
Just etch your spirit.

My spirit itches
To sketch tunages unheard
It's an itch-a-sketch.

You must scratch that itch
By writing lots more great tunes;
Better get to it!

Today I laid a
Foundation, damn whistle pigs
Sure can mess things up.

Isaac Asimov?
Read the Foundation series?
Me? No, I confess.

Return of the pig :
Never believe that you have
Found all of the holes!

Groundhog Day again?
That’s a little ironic
Deja Vu, Part Two...

Dont' need deja vu
Haven't moved from the same spot
Infinite time loop

The CD stutter,
Turntable needle bobbing,
Life’s little repeats.

What is it called when
It's on the tip of your tongue?
Crap. I cannot quite...

My mind’s all bendy
In a Moebius striptease,
From your witty ‘ku!

Please offer us more.
Moebius striptease? Pointless!

Though it is pointless,
A good Moebius striptease
Goes on and on and......

No inside or out
No taking of sides at all
Just infinity

A true FiNiKu;
A puzzle akin to "mu!"
The shape with no sides.

There's work, and there's work.
One I despise, the other
I have no time for. :/

Turn work in to play!
Build a sandbox by your desk!
Bring in some Lego!

Can’t serve two masters.
When passion burns to create,
The rest is torture.

Are you a sports fan?
It's ritualized warfare.
I just don't get it.

Agon is a part
Of human activity.
Some forms are OK!

Dragon, Pentagon
In a little red wagon—
Sounds like nurs’ry rhymes.

I knew Pendragon
"Morrison reincarnate" --
Great fuzz guitar sound!

(Seriously, his girlfriend worked for my dad and he gave me his Capitol release when I had just bought my first Teisco guitar and I thought it was the coolest. Because it was. Smile )

Having a hard time
Doing any recording;
Enjoying warm days.

Double OT work
Means no time to record, too.
Rather enjoy warmth! Smile

So much life
This must be it
Moon growing fat

It's not a failure
Knowing you will fail
If you fail with style. Smile

Saw a punk rock gig.
Think I damaged my hearing;
Everything's muffled....

I caught a virus
Now my left ear is quite dead.
Which way is better? Sad

Daughter's car burned up
Father in law passed away;
Fall's early this year.

FiNiKu is dead;
Awaiting resurrection,
A most patient corpse.

FiNiKu fodder:
An unwritten ‘ku, still true.
Talk amongst yourselves...

FiNiku canoe
New gnu poo in your shoe
Blue stew do crew chew

It’s down to two hands.
Don’t let the countdown spook you:
That’s months in FAWM-years!

Finicky canoes
Hate the water, it is true;
But still will float on...

autumn kids
shout on the playground
who am i to interfere

You pesky children
Please stop shouting all the time.
Getting a headache.

Twnety-seven songs;
I have not failed! I have not!
Respect for all here!

I have just fifteen,
and I am a big weiner!
(it could have been none)