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Unlawful entry?
Raccoons don’t bat an eyelash
The world—their oyster

Here's a conundrum:
Empty house unexpected;
To play or to work?

Such an easy one!
A lap full of good fortune:
the gods want music!

I feel so guilty.
I hope Euterpe's happy.
"Giver of delight!"

But I feel guilty
Because I fail to produce
Each day after day

Oh, Sharper Image;
I've never owned Socket Shelf.
So, so destitute.

If you ordered it
You could say "Socket to me!".
(A bad "Laugh In" pun)

By a pun nonplussed
Stunned, in only the best sense
I will call "S'punn-ed"

That's a pun stun done.
Next? An exploding cigar;
Known as a smoke joke.

Please please stop me now!
I embarass myself with
More bad FiNiku!

It's too late, @Fuzzy.
Necromancy gets punished,
So here come de judge.

That there's an "ink-pink"
A smoke joke; inky-pinky:
A songster's bon mot...

One ringy-dingy...
A gracious good afternoon!
(Your muse is calling...)

A singer's zinger!
I'm glad Barbara gets it!
Ink-pinks rock the world! Smile

Sounding out music,
I now have a Fauxaphoon.
I can just squeak it in.

One day and a half;
Oh, the FiNiKuity!
This thread languishes.

Ah, well...songwriters.
FiNicky and fickle lot.
Leave you for a song.

In a goddam mess
I am trying to create
A little music

Do not berate me
Oh my darlin'. I only
Know I must be sage...

(How to morph lyrics
To unrecognisable:
Rework a few words.)

Dreadful sorrow, Tim!
Psychologists all tell me
That messes inspire!

Let us correct that.
Psychologists all tell me
I inspire messes

Believe not the shrink
The mind is subtle and strange
Far beyond our ken.

Our Ken has left town
With the rozzers close behind.
So we know nothing!

Looks like we could stand
The loss of a Boris or
A Donald, truth is.

My childhood haunts me.
Here comes Boris again but...
Where is Natasha?

"You busy bodies
Have busied your last body!"
They spoke FiNiKu! Smile

A revelation!
Blame FiNiku on Rocky
And not on [@scottlake]!

Rather a tangent:
Aristocles the wrestler
Was his day's "The Rock."

All tangents welcome
We sail through the universe
Gently skimming curves

I have been sitting
In the sun all this summer;
I am a "tan gent".

Hello there, tan gent!
Though tangents do not impale,
I’m pale next to you.

If "impasty" were
A word, I'd be able to
Pun along with you.

Who said that puns are
The lowest form of humour?
I'm down in the dirt.

Whoever insults puns
Exhibiting poor judgement
Is a true punter.

It stands to reason
That I should call you pungent
For your love of them

I've a word for your
Punctilious word brilliance:
Punctiliousness! Smile

If we're doing puns,
at least get the grammar right
and punctuate well.

These FiNiku puns
Hurt my head and make me groan.
Really pun-ishing.

Why sentence ourselves?
All those cases make me tense!
My thoughts is homespun.

FiNiPunKu are
Clearly a superior
Form of poetry! Smile

My favourite songs?
Loud, aggressive, and with jokes.
It's called pun-k music.

Punk music calling?
But Grand op'ra at its best
Delivers more punch

You heard it here, folks,
For the pundit hath penned it:
Op’ra trounces Punk.

Way back in childhood
When I knew Pat Oliphant
He drew my own Punk.

Oprah trounces punk?
Now, there's a talk show I'd watch!
Torn denim for all!

It's my fault, truly!
Oh the guilt! The guilt! The guilt!
I killed FiNiKu!

Not to worry, Tom,
FiNiku will never die.
It was just napping.

Finiku napping?
Like a dormant volcano,
Don't go to sleep there.

From molten lava
Come obsidian wind chimes.
You could do much worse.

Volcanic wind chime?
I, pierced by dragonglass,
Become the Night King?