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Under all that dye
Is a naked oatey-O
Embalmed in sugar

Underneath the dye
Lies a naked oatey-O
Embalmed in sugar

Sisters, but not twins.
Did you mean to hit edit?
Or worth saying twice?

Here, there are pages.
In FAWM just one lengthy scroll.
I returned, confused:

Whither went my post?
Now, at the top of page two
My error haunts me.

Can an oatey lie?
You say it's the naked truth.
That's what's haunting you.

It's Flying Tadpole's
Trav'ling Blues Band now in play.
So Hallelujah!

I am so busy.
And yet it's 50/90.
I will find the time.

I'm still in a mess.
Even stooped to FiNiricks.
I am so ashamed.

Admitting your sin
Is the first step, dearest Tim
Your absolution

There's worse to admit.
The unforgivable sin:
Missing skirmishing.

Nothing produced yet.
Told me there'd be days like these,
Did my tormentors.

You miss one skirmish
To avoid another one
That’s pragmatism

I miss one skirmish
Because I read a void time...

You can’t avoid time
By looking at it cockeyed
You must stare it down

"One eye on the pot,
T'other up the chimney. oh!"
Ain't tradition great!

One eyed or walleyed?
Old Harry - that confused me!
Had me in stiches! Smile

Bumpa bump bump bump.
Pity for FiNiku thread;
Sent back to the top!

What's going on here?!?
One more day, no FiNiku!
This thread? Abandoned. Sad

It's all I can do--
July's a write-off for me--
Flounders Finiku

My singing "The Trout"
Turned out to be a flounder.
No saltwater trout.

When this FiNiKu's
Run its course, last song's posted,
Ah! A new season!

Salmon up-river
Lurching goodbye to this life
By bringing in new

Tis warm and cozy
This little air bed of mine
But it doesn't shine

Light, but doesn't shine?
Flock to another mattress.
Horsehair? Just say nay.

I need a good bed
Well-constructed, well-designed.
Can't find horsefeathers.

birds are drying out
in wetless rain
across the multiverse

There goes my salon!
No bird-drying bucks for me.
Hope evaporates.

Barbara's salon
Full of int'resting people!
I would frequent it!

What a great job, yes?
Professional bird drier.
Making birds less moist.

We fluff the feathers!
Extra time on the wingpits!
Feel free as a bird!

And so we return
To the da sein of free birds.
Life is a strange loop.

Well-spotted, Tom S!
Spotted, or speckled, I guess.
Depends on the bird.

Bellied or crested
Billed, beaked, tufted, pileated,
All bird brains to me!

You sound to me like
a man who’s read his guidebook:
there’s an app for that!

Apps? Shmapps!! We use to
Train our ears with old records
Scratchy warbler calls! Smile

Thank you ev'ryone
Keeping this thread near the top.
Easier to find!

Gracefulness on wing.
Albatrosses come close but...
Pelicans are best!

Birds of a feather?
Not all flock their mattresses:
Eagles bash their kids!

Not quite two weeks in;
How is everyone doing?
Walking through walls here. Smile

It’s those bpm’s!
If you vibrate fast enough
Nothing can stop you!

I'm never quite sure
Where to insert the batt'ries,
Or which way around.

The last plug-in used,
A soprano vibrato,
Melted down the DAW.

And now the song plays:
"Rastaman vibration, yeah!"
That one's an ear worm! Smile

Going for screen tests.
Too few necrotic old men
For death-in-crowd scene

The day has ended
Nary a note has been played.
But the chimney's fixed! Smile

Too pooped for playing?
Chimney work is exhausting.
(Just let that sink in.)

Fixing the chimney
Or making some more music.
A hard choice indeed.

Gas heater installed
Unflued for a good reason:
No chimney to fix!

Music droughts happen.
I'm here for the ambience,
Maybe start next month

At least there were no
Raccoons living in the bricks.
We did have a bat!