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Abner Doubleday
Is not to be confused with
Albus Dumbledore

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They had two babies
I used one for a foot-stool
Until it got fresh

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Had a Rowdy dog
He had a name Rowdy too
Hated fireworks

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Was not scared of much
Would fight off coyote packs
Sky booms made him pee

I have a question.
Music can make the soul sing.
Where is Elvis now?

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Elvis left this world
Pushing one out on the pot
Keep a pic in loo

Always makes me laugh
Don't go out like Elvis did
Remember fiber

Sorry to tell you,
Elvis is six feet under.
Did you miss that news?

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Saw a movie once
Bubba Ho-tep was its name
body double died

In retirement
home was elvis nobody
believed it was him

Six feet under, and
Six feet apart. So what's next?
Six feet upward? Nah...

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When the ground is full
Nowhere else to go but up
Six feet upward yeah

Six feet in the air,
A string tied to my ankle
To keep me grounded.

Six feet in the air,
the other two on the ground.
Spider, showing off.

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What acrobatics!
Spider putting on a show
Still super creepy

It’s a budding sport:
Hey, look, Ma! No web!!

Back on solid ground,
One thousand feet in the air -
The dead millipede

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I would pay to see
a show of spiders flipping
Syncronisticly Wink

Click clickety click
Spiders advance on forums
Where once they were worms.

Loved the worms of yore...
But I'm all for spiders now.
They are edgier!

Songs like liquid silk
Wefting through this thread.

First snow is falling
On the Remutaka range
Winter has entered

Pointing scorpions
At trapdoor spiders' home holes.
Spiders always win.

Insects, arachnids:
Ferocious chitin chompers,
Sharp horror writ small.

Spiders are drummers!
"pedipalps" and foot tapping --
a unique soundtrack..

Spider percussion;
They work extra hard on that
Limb independence.

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Drum solos get nuts
Triple bass, double hi-hat
Still flip lead-guitar the bird

Spiders have fingers
At least in my spider band
They willed them to be

Winter! I miss it!
Thirty-five degrees in c.
Spiders invade house!

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Need a practice spot
They are just about to start
Their first recording

Spider notation.
Ink pad, legs and manuscript.
Spider marks on staves.

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Stepped on a spider
Felt terrible, she played bass
Eggs may seek revenge

It is time for bed
But my daughter will not shift
Please no more peppa pig

Peppa Pig? Mutant.
Her head has two eyes each side.
Don't eat those pork chops!

I called the hotline
To report the mutant pig -
I just heard crackling

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Mutant pigs you say?
I have seen one with two heads
Pork chops weren't too bad Smile

Each generation
Suffers uniquely, it's true.
Yours is Peppa Pig.

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Googled Peppa Pig
So so glad I don't have kids
Of that watching age

Cold sweats still will rise
Purple was a dinosaur
Name, will not dare speak

Arachnid Peppa
Has plenty of eyes to spare.
(And has twice the legs.)

Cool octovision,
It puts the “spy” in spider
Always on lookout

Octameter 'kus
Violate the terms of use
But have own rhythm.

It's too hot today.
I'll regret saying that in
The depths of winter.

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Very hot here too
Sahara has visited
I miss the winter

Arthropoda games
Spider fears mean we must change...
Bring on crustaceans!

Countdown sez this starts
At thirty-four minutes past
Go home, clock, you're drunk

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Clock isn't only one......
Oopsie daisy I'm a cheat
Tried to upload one

I take it all back -
The clock was right; I've started.
Huzzah, momentum

So much impatience
All frogs
Finally jump

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If not get eaten
Or some frogs hide very well
Almost stepped on one

Did Twain's frog ever
With great determination
Launch itself skyward?

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Of course! Frogs in space
Was the precursor to pigs
And why there's frog rain

Too much family
Invading my space, my brain
And 50.90

Ah, the family frogs!
Squatting lumps interfering
with musey's progress!