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Once again waiting
Closer with each sun and moon
Exciting tension

The haiku is here
Time for infinity to
Assert itself now

So, fInally I
Can leave old FAMWku behind?
FiNiku rescue! Smile

Fifty in ninety:
Zero point five recurring
Songs per day. Good luck!

Hard to wait, wait, wait
Organize space, monkey mind
Sharpen up pencils...

One thousand monkeys
With one thousand pencil minds
Could write fifty songs! Smile

I'm more than ready
The playground will soon be ours
Songwriting ensues

I like to check in
Every year I am hopeful
Does hope equal songs?

Does hope equal songs?
And can wishes be changes?
Only with action

And in our playground
We can be pencil monkeys
And write fifty songs

I've lost track of time.
Too many things happening
And a cold's got me.

Oh look! haiku thread!
This time though in blue and white
Easier than orange

Easier blue and white,
Sadly it will never be
That obnoxious pink! Smile

Finiku is back
In all it's haiku glory
Better than ever

Thankful for no pink
It's fine on flowers and stuff
But not on websites

Website pink? OK
I think, for certain things, though
Not for FAWM. No, no!

It's Blue, Da ba dee
If I got beat up and died
I would be blue, too.

How long 'till this starts?
I'll hold my breath 'till I'm blue!
If it is not soon!

Six days til it starts
But that's no problem for you
You are Superman

Tom is Superman
this is true-- but what of us
Those less than super?

Gerald, Giraffe King
Dethroned by tall pretender
It was a high coup.

Polly the pigeon
Sat atop her perch and sang.
It was a high coo.

Scott the Scout leader
Lost his way; troop marched through swamp.
It was a hike, eww.

Bill the bandleader
Toked up before the night's show
He gave a high cue.

Theodore the Terse
Heard 'Intelligence Quotient'
And thought 'Ah, IQ'.

Freddy the felon
Was known to dismiss others
Thus: "Take a hike, you."

Rachel, Restaurateur
Greeted fellow TV chefs:
They said, 'Oh, hi, Khoo!

Finiku , FAWMku
I can't choose between the two
O K , both will do

Fini-FAWMku folks
Board the Fifty-Ninety Ship...
It's an awry crew.

On board!, all on board
Fifty/Ninety 'bout to sail
For ports of glory

Genius abounds here!
Need a new category!
Punny FiNiku! Smile

Pungent as in smell?
No smelly cheese in here please!
Pungent as in sharp!

What? No stinky cheese?
Must think of new strategy...
Is cheddar OK?

What is this new rule?
Stinky cheese is verboten?
Velveeta, maybe?

Velveeta is the
Disco of cheeses, truly

That's government cheese
A special place in my heart
Is reserved for it

Cottage cheese, Brick cheese
And Colorado Blackie
Glouster and Gouda

Whey-hey, people, stop!
What is cheese but rotted milk?
Here: have some road kill!

Center line Bovine
Just a smidgen of pigeon
A double flat cat

I would like to say
thanks to the anonymous
gifter of rock hands

Road kill cheese scramble
Starts the day off right, y'know?
Rock hands, all set now!

Café Depeche Mode
Your own personal cheeses
Every Brie, Ev Blue

Sharp cheddar is good
And the sharper the better
It is NOT spoiled !!!

Trying Paleo
The thing I miss most is cheese
Now and then I cheat

It is thick in here!
Wading through, knee deep in cheese
And gobbledygook!

Don't tempt miss Darci
Knee deep in cheese is Heaven
Just to be dreampt of

So cheese for Darci
And don't forget the cowbell
That's win win for her

Gobbledegook? Where?
Is it early Thanksgiving,
A bunch of turkeys?

Cheeseku, a genre
Those nomadic herdsman would
Surely have cherished!

all this talk of cheese
what of crackers and sausage
and whine, I mean wine

Darci is cheeseless
A terrible state,to be in
Woe is unto her

State of Wisconsin
Untrue to my heritage
We're all about cheese