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I have a problem
Thoughts come in 5 - 7 -5
I must FiNiku!

Oh, there you are! HI!
glad to see this thread started
are you excited?

Hello there, Tasha!
I'm ready to have some fun
I bet you are, too!

I read FiNiKu
And wonder what does it mean?
Musing on music?

I forgot my pants
Hope I'm not disqualified
Or it will get worse

FiNiku. I like
The fact that it has started.
It makes me happy.

here, borrow a skirt
long as the bits are covered
you will be just fine

Well, if I have to.
Any more where that came from?
(Not that I like them.)

here is one in blue
I'm sure it will look horrid.
quickly! put it on!

I understand now
this line seven syllables
it is about time

It is getting late
Should turn off the computer
I can't help myself

Wine glass is empty
I should be in bed by now
FiNiku, goodnight!

under a blue sky
a warm breeze and soft waves push
dead gray cat on beach

tears fall down my cheek
as I get shovel from shed
to dig a fresh grave

the cycle of life
must come to an end sometime
Rest In Peace gray cat

I just want to play
with my electric guitar
it sounds really good

Whole day spent painting;
I wonder if this chair is
A part of me now

The chair is apart
Or (and this is the puzzle)
A part of you, now.

A part apart
that chair there and derriere
parting parts apart

Me and one guitar
Sounds pristine and much better
No need to add more

Sparse is often best.
Except when the prog song needs
89 layers.

Eighty-Seven, bah!
Tis not enough for prog gods
Can't satiate them!

It is hot today
I prefer some cool weather
We just stay inside

Waiting, waiting 'til
Fifty ninety starts again.
Oh what fun we'll have!

gearshift in neutral
my feet on the gas and brake
c'mon now! lets go!

You know summer's here
When the songwriting begins.
It won't be long now....

The meaning of life
Can easily be stated
In five syllables.

You are right, there, Tom,
It can be. I'll do it now;
"The meaning of life".

Your intellect shines,
Perceptive, incisive, true,
Fuzzy logic rules!

Bright sunshine yet dark
Till birds sing their brand new songs
Chase shadows away

Struggle eternal
How to spend my time today?
Maybe back to bed?

cooking, washing, clean
that is how I spend my day
back to bed after

Went to a graveyard
And photographed some headstones;
That's where my day went.

Grading, grading, grad...
ing, grading, grading , grading...
Such has been my day...

There is peace in graves
There is finally some rest
For the weary, worn

peace for the restless
insomniacs comes in songs
up from shallow graves

spirits dance by graves
beckoning reflection, love,
peace and forgiveness

Nah, they are just dead.
Face reality; give up
Romantic notions.

both dead and alive
as long as they stay in box
with lid tightly shut

You are right, of course.
They are in both states at once.
Shrodinger's corpses.

romantic notions
nourish soul, spirit, and spark

that is a band name!
shrodinger's corpse will record;
unless its taken.

Trying to wake up
She drank another coffee
Still haven’t kicked in

pour coffee in mouth
swallow, shake, and stimulate
nerve cells to fire

Coffee'd animate
If made strong enough and rich
Dead corpse or live corpse.

Speaking of "live corpse",
You're in which pop culture camp;
Fast zombies or slow??

coffee at midnight
defy this warm poison's charm
or zombie till dawn

Tired of the heat?
The solution is simple:
Try Finnish summer.

First day of summer
Torrential downpours, flooding
A dreary Solstice

summer took over
spring days gone by already
I shed some dry tears

In this hot desert
it's one hundred and fifteen
we just stay inside

Hot day in my house
allergies mean closing doors
windows too, so hot

Air conditioning.
Did not have it, but just moved.
Now I am thankful.