Fill-in-the-Blank Lyrics Needed!

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Hey! Writing lyrics that are essentially a list. I need a few more examples, and have run dry, so if you would be so kind as to fill in the blank with a verb phrase, that would be fab! It can be sweet and sincere, funny, ridiculous, weird, or all of the above.

I'd __________________ for you.

A couple of examples to get your lyrical juices flowing:

I'd climb mountains for you.
I'd pick a fight with a biker too.

Thank you in advance, all you wonderful people! Smile

Steal cars, bake a cake, eat a snake, bury bodies, eat vegetables, code basic, do long division. I can do this all night Smile LOL

Mister Prine says it best, as always:

write a post, chase a ghost, clean tile grout with a toothbrush, fold with a flush, stare down a bully, wear sweaters that are wooly, wreck a home, smash a gnome, climb a tree, clean a latrine, scoop up poop, sort through junk mail, sit through bad theatre, test a space heater, face bad magic, eat raw garlic, dig a hole fill it then dig it again, shake up my zen, play guitar quietly, go to a rotary, grate tofu, chase a gnu, rescramble my head, what [@brrrse] said LOL

I'd __________________ for you.
Write a song
Drink tears
Give up passion
Make fit my love
Complete myself
Accept you

Good stuff! I know it's not really a hard question to answer, but my brain just clicked off. I hate that!

I still like my suggestion "I'd eat a dog for you."
Or what about "I'd dig up the body of Colonel Sanders for you."
I should probably stop now.

I'd dance on nails for you
I'd fly to the moon for you
I'd eat olives for you
I'd kiss a cow for you
I'd eat my socks for you
I'd climb a burning torch for you
I'd run across hot coals for you
I'd do a polar bear plunge for you

I'd lie for you
I'd go to church for you
I'd give up drugs for you
I'd lose weight for you
I'd go to the store for you
I'd clean my house for you
I'd listen to you
I'd get a tattoo for you
I'd remove a tattoo for you
I'd pay for you
I'd love you

I would do anything for love, but I won't do (any of) that! :P

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I'd lose precious sleep for you
Field a calling creep for you
fan the heat for you
massage your feet (p'you!)
swim the cold deep blue
scold the monsters who scare
send them back to their lair
make you cookies for lunch
bear hug you more than a bunch
I'll clog dance in a grocery store
til your face turns more beat red than
ever before
recite tongue twisters long
and hold my piece when you're clearly wrong (sometimes...well...occasionally).

I'd die for you
I'd cry for you
I'd share funny faces with you
I'd say a prayer for you
i'd sacrifice myself for you
i'd buy you a diamond ring for you
I'd depart from this world for you

You guys are the best! Recording it today and sending it on to my collaborator. Stay tuned for the final verdict! Smile

Here it is!

I was inspired by each and every one of you! Thank you so much! And muchos gracias to the ever fabulous @headfirstonly!