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I have a song all ready to upload, but have realized that, although I have my Rock Hands, I still have no access to the File Hosting.
From last year I seem to remember an introductory email with a temporary password and such, yes?
Am I missing something?

@Fuzzy, on July 1st, I sent your file hosting account information to the email from which you donated. Feel free to contact us at donate at fawm dot org if you are still having trouble finding the info.

Hey, thanx. I think my email is playing tricks on me. Didn't get it. Sad

Sent off an email. Hope it works this time!

I have the same problem' I sent my new Email twice but haven't got any answer

I tried just sending an Email to It seemed to go. If you get that, you can just reply with the hosting info

Got the first one and replied @wyatt

I'll send another then?

Mine ended up in a spam folder - could be that your email software has done similar.

Hot dog I found it!!
There was only one message in spam and that was it
thanks atitlan

Great idea! Issue resolved! Mine was in spam too! 50/90 is NOT spam!!

Hey, I actually got it done!! Only stumbling 3 or 4 times, I got 22 seconds 0f audio up for my "Lost" lyric-Well, it was a v and a c !!. No doubt it coulda. done with a half dozen or more takes but I was still quite proud!! Smile

I have donated $25 for file hosting. I'm ready to upload, but am unsure of what to do. My email is

I have requested file hosting with my $25 donation and am unsure how to proceed. My email is