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This is my first time using file hosting on 5090. I've uploaded a song on the website and it says action complete, but it's not showing up. What do I do? I created a folder and that shows up, but not the songs.

In theory anything you upload should be listed in your user folder, and you should be able to click on it and play it in the browser. Then copy the URL and paste it into your “Add New Song” page.

If it never showed up in the user folder list, I can think of some things I’ve run into: It has to be mp3 format. It has to be under a certain file size (if it’s huge you may have to save at a lower sample rate). And finally, I don’t think it can have any spaces or possibly weird characters in the file name.

So that’s a couple possible sources of error that I can recall (possibly incorrectly).

Oh. Okay, It said wav was fine, so I did wav. I'll try mp3.

... and Bob's your uncle! Thanks!