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With less than two weeks to go, I was a bit surprised not to see more FAWMStock chatter on the forums. (Maybe it's all happening on Facebook? I'm not connected there.)

Anyway, who all is going? Anyone bringing fun toys or anything? I'm hoping to bring my traveling recording rig and a travel guitar borrowed from @john crossman, who can not make it. We'll see how packing goes!

We're driving, but have bought a new, smaller car this year, so I'm trying to keep it minimal. Remains to be seen what I'm bringing. But a guitar (acoustic? Electric?) and a ukulele bass, and a recording rig based on an ipad, no computer are likely.

Lots of room in the trunk for me, so one or two guitars, clothes, bedding, paper and pens. A beverage cooler. Food to cook potluck on Friday night. I'm going to take my time getting home--see some museums, maybe a beach, a visit to WaWa for some water ice.

I'm out this year. We are going to Alberta to hang out with my folks in my motorhome. I will be keeping up with the 5090 shenanigans though.

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I'll be there. Not going to bring much; just the laptop, and maybe the bass. I'm just so excited to finally meet the FAWMily! And definitely I'll bring food for potluck.

I’m flying in!! I already searched the TSA FAQ so know my cowbell is allowed in carry-on. I’m bringing my soprano ukulele. Slowly I’m learning to record on GarageBand using my phone and have MS Word installed on my iPad so plan to leave the laptop at home. Notebooks and pencils will be packed too! I’ll be stopping at the grocery store when I get there for Friday night. I’m a mix of excited and nervous...it’s been a long time since I’ve traveled.

Good reminder, @darcistrutt! If anyone else is flying with instruments, bookmark this: https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer/air-travel-musical-instruments

I'm printing out a bunch of documentation from there in case anyone at the airline gives me guff. Smile

@cts If you don’t bring your bass you’ll have to sing to real low.

I'm planning on going, and.. here's a song about that!


I’m bringing acoustic guitar, uke bass and a small 100 watt bass amp. A small recording setup too.

I also thought to bring my guitar and uke, standard songwriting instruments....can't wait to see everyone, safe travels!!

I've printed my ticket for tomorrow morning. It's finally here! I'm hoping I'm remembering to bring everything I need! It's been a struggle to get carry-on packing figured out and that became song worthy. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38128

Bon voyage, @darcistrutt and all you FAWMStockers! Make merry, and send lots of musical postcards.

Hope you’re all off to a fun start up there! Smile

back from the fun.. it was .. amazing! so wonderful to meet so many great fawm folks!
more, including lots of photos, are at the fawmstock thread on facebook, check it out if ya want....

and i should say as a ps that as a group, (in various combinations) we did several great skirmishes up there, live and in person, with lots of fun collabs.

One of the ones I did, with @Monty we just recently posted... ('beware of the hawk')