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We wrote a few skirmish-style songs live in person at FAWMstock.

I posted one, and I see that Monty and Mike Skliar have one:


And I just finished recording one that I wrote at FAWMstock:


So post your FAWMstock songs here...

I have some recordings of FAWMstock jams I need to go through, and a couple songs I wrote and performed that I need to record (including a coffee song that still needs another verse), but so far this week I haven't had even an hour free to do much of anything! Hopefully this weekend I can get to it... I know people are curious about the stuff I recorded on my Tascam.

So glad @darcistrutt posted the songskirmish we did in 20 minutes!

Folks, heard the jam with CTS that airbag tester played on and recorded live ... that’s going to be WORTH the wait.

yeah, so great to have been a part of Fawmstock this year!!!

and keep em' coming, everyone! there were alot of great musical moments. And those jams with CTS and airbagtester- I can't wait to hear some of that stuff- it was 'fawmstock goes electric' and great fun!!

the link to the song that monty and I did is in the first post here, and when I get a chance I'm gonna post the song that I did with nancyRN (nancy H) as well

This was so fun! It was AWESOME to meet so many members of my FAWMily in person! The educational parts were, well, educational! Here's the song @airbagtester and I did in 20 minutes. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38310
And earlier I did a skirmish on "Beware the Hawk" http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38333
It was influenced by a panel @writeandwrong did on the legal side of the music business.

More songs will be born from this experience. I'm a Journal-With-A-Tune kind of gal!

And here's 'too small refrigerator blues' from @HoppieRN and me, recorded live in the 'big room' at the Delaware Fawmstock last weekend.
It's a 20-minute (!) skirmish!


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I've been busy with work and a few family matters but I plan to work on the impromptu song I did the first night and with Jessica during a breakout session. I had a great time, everyone and it has taken me a little bit to get over the joy (which I really have not).

I finally posted the song I wrote to "Beware of the Hawk" prompt during a skirmish this summer at FAWMstock. So happy to have gone, what a wonderful experience in every way.