FAWMSTOCK 2018 East Coast USA July 27-29

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We are having FAWMSTOCK 2018 East Coast USA July 27-29. Currently have 19 FAWMERS attending. If interested follow this link for details. $50pp. Price goes to $75 on July 5th.


It's a go! Not too late to sign up.

Woop! I'm going! (I live really close though so it's definitely easier for me than many FAWMers.)

probably won't be able to make it, but... small but real chance..
so that big building where everyone is staying.... being in the middle of summer.. uh..... any a/c? (or will it just be swelteringly hot?)

@airbagtester - Yay. We will have to do a collab. I will probably be travelling light-- 1- acoustic 6 string and 1 uke. Will you have a solid body axe there I can borrow if I need to RAWK?

I assume the place has AC. I mean, we're not savages here. Or there, hopefully.

@ductapeguy Cool can't wait to catch up! Yes, I will probably be bringing my tele and a small amp, or maybe a Pignose.

Looking forward to meeting you all! Smile I'll be in the process of recouping from my move from Maine and thinking this will be perfect timing to just relax, put the move behind me, and start new! Thinking I'll be the only lyricist?