FAWM and its consequences

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There's a local play company doing a play on the theme of Robin Hood this summer which, the playwright and director having heard of my FAWMish exploits through some members of the cast, I have now been asked to write a song or two for...

Who knew that FAWM could be so dangerous?

Sounds great! You can include a Robin Hood musical as part of your 50/90 collection. Smile

Ohhhhh! that sounds fun!!~

So is it a musical?
Russ Clapping

FAWMsequences. Cool.

Not a musical. A play with a couple musical numbers.

Congrats, sounds like a little bit scary and intimidating, but most importantly like a fun experience.

[@mtmelodie] as you are no doubt familiar with from skirmish group, at least I can write in different styles! Wink

What a great opportunity! Congrats! I hope the songs flow freely!


Yaaay! Very cool! You're a natural choice.

Cool! Is the cast going to sing this? Congrats!

What fun!

That's great!

That's awesome!

That's fantastic. You're not in the Jersey area are you? An acquaintance got cast as the Sheriff in a local production, but I don't know much more than that. IT would be pretty cool if it was the same one!

Yeah on FAWM. I had a collab that got pitched last year but as youall know, pitched is one thing, cut is another.

@katpiercemusic No, I'm in rural Manitoba. Smile

Robin Hood must be taking another trip into the popular consciousness then. That's awesome all on it's own. Maybe I'll write a Childe style Robin Hood Ballad this year and then mess with it.

If you look at all the new indie movie content on the big streamers, e.g., netf__x, amaz__ ... etc... and read the credits (I love reading them, I just have too...) you'll see, many "friends and family" did the videos, **Music... why?
--- Who could afford the Lic'g fees...? It could take the entire budget...

Heck, me, I'd do it for the Credits at the Film Festivals, and then the Lic'g on the Content Streamers... --then get paid... standard contract use rates, etc. after, if profitable. The, Fun of it.

Let folks know... it can be amazing fun.
(No one in my area is remotely interested in original music or venues for it... but, here I am anyway, -- personal passion, I guess...)

**So, actually, I'm not surprised, --good for you!
(Remember to CR it, -lyric, -recording and -performance at copyright_dot_gov Smile for USA folks,... a "collection", reg'd on-line process, is so cheap for the benefit. One collection, many songs in it, one fee.)

woohoo Mr Metalfoot ! What a fun project Smile Just take the ride and enjoy it Smile and congrats by the way Smile

The play ended its run last night. The director/ co-playwright and the actor who played the character who got to sing my song were both profuse in their thanks at the after-party-- my wife and 2 of my kids were in the play, so I got to go. Director also said something about writing a full musical... (yikes!)

And since the play is over, here, have my original demo of the song... (written June 30-July 2, so doesn't count for 50/90).

That is a great song! All the way around! Congrats to you! ?Well done!