Favorite websites/podcasts/Youtube channels about music-related stuff

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Hello fellow 5090ers,

I recently discovered two youtube channels that I find very educational, so I thought I'd share them here:

Rick Beato's youtube channel - a variety of things ranging from guitar talk (he's a Jazz guitarist by training), song analysis, music theory, analysis of soundtracks, scales, composition.

unfa - a guy who makes music exclusively with Open Source software; he's also the person behind the official Ardour youtube channel.

What are your favorite places on the web to learn things about music?

Prompt Queens (http://promptqueens.libsyn.com/) is a brilliant podcast by a couple of friends from the Rocky Mountain Song School - they write to a prompt and release a new episode about every week.

I'm a guitar gear nut. My favorite source of info is That Pedal Show on youtube. It's more of a master class on using pedals than a demo channel. I really enjoy their work.

There are also a ton of guitar gear podcasts that I listen to. The Guitar Knobs, 60 Cycle Hum, The Guitar Nerds, Chasing Tone, Tone Mob, The Tone Jerks Podcast, The Guitar Hour Podcast.

There is also Gig Gab, which is a great podcast on working in, or running a cover band. They do a great job every week.

All of those, and many more.

Sodajerker. Very nice podcasts, interviews with songwriters old, new and between.


I love American Routes. It's on NPR and programs are available at their website http://www.americanroutes.org/. Stories, interviews and lots of good rootsy music every week. Good stuff.

I also like videos explaining (sometimes freaky) music music tricks in popular songs. Smile

(Besides Rick Beato) here are two more channels:

David Bennett Piano: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2iUx-Imr6HgDC3zAFpjOw/videos
Adam Neely: https://www.youtube.com/user/havic5/videos

Song Exploder podcast http://songexploder.net