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Can you all help me think of some good examples of songs that use two (or more) different keyboard parts along with standard rock instruments? Alternatively, any songs that have a keyboard part and horn/strings parts that could be played by another keyboardist. Could be any genre.

"Don't Do Me Like That" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers has piano and organ prominently and often at the same time. Same with "Hungry Heart" by Bruce Springsteen. (A lot of Springsteen songs might have what you're looking for, including horns.)

What are you looking for those kinds of songs for?

Thanks, Chip, good examples! I've been listening to a lot of those Benmont Tench parts lately, just the kind of thing I'm looking for.

I work at a music school that does a student jam three times a year. We have more piano/keyboard students than any other instrument, and often my students don't get a chance to participate because we run out of slots for them on stage.

Bonus points for two-keyboard songs with a female vocal (or in that general vocal range), for similar reasons.

Thanks, and please keep them coming!

Probably not what you're looking for but 'Up On Cripple Creek' has a cool verse part and a cool chorus part. That clavinova thingy sound is awesome.

I guess I've ever really listened to the keyboard parts enough in songs to just name some. You might try arranging something for two part keyboard or have one student play the first half or verses and another play the second half or chorus. Might be a bit clumsy, but something is better than nothing.

Edit to add... there is a piano part in the verse as well as the clav-sounding part. I bet there are more "the Band" songs that do that with a pianist and a keyboard player both being in there.

In the live version (Last Waltz, I think) there is a subtle organ part and a piano part on 'The Weight.' It's pretty cool to hear how they give each other space throughout the song.

Hot Fun in the Summertime. Also, Manfred Mann's cover of Blinded by the light. I think it has organ and piano, and maybe another keyboard too.

Grace Potter, -- all her early stuff, has a hammond with her on stage, --- "That Phone" -- not a hard piece:

Timekeeper: (two hands on keys/wheel at all times, in this)

Stop the Bus (guitar backing, other riffing could easily as well just be Brass):

Did a cover with Joe Satriani, --slow, -- brass, elec, keys, all very dramatic, and easy, and can "mung" over Joes stuff which is pretty boxy/pentationic in this, nicely progressive imo Crazy --- "Cortez the killer"

Deep Purple, "my woman from tokyo" -- easy piece to do:

Child in time, (live version, always diff from studio plastic tracks Smile ) -- easily sung by female, add the Brass

Robert Palmer "All Kinds of People"


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from being one of two keyboard players in that Halloween Hall and Oates tribute band a couple years back, i can suggest quite a few of their songs with confidence:

- "Maneater" among others (floaty synth part, saxophone, electric piano, miscellaneous other noises during sax solo)
- "I Can't Go For That" has a shimmery descending arpeggio part plus funky EP
- "Private Eyes" has prominent piano plus fake handclap noises and you could easily adapt the guitar leads to synth
- "Rich Girl" has EP + a lot of strings (and sax solo!)
- same with "She's Gone", EP + strings

also speaking from cover band experience, The Go-Go's "Head Over Heels" has lots of piano and fake handclaps and female vox!

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oh and this isn't a famous jam your kids will be falling over to play but my band just covered "The Wild Kindness" by The Silver Jews and it has two prominent electric piano parts--chords and a higher riff.

Two songs off the top of my head:
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan and the Band - Richard Manuel's piano and Garth Hudson's organ (I personally prefer the live version from "The Last Waltz")
Also "Here Comes the Flood" by Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp (from Fripp's album "Exposure") - Gabriel's piano and Brian Eno's "synth flute".

Let it be has good piano and organ parts. A lot of of 1980s Supertramp such as Dreamer has either two electric pianos or a piano and organ part.

Zappa, I guess

A good number of songs on Bob Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisited' album, including, most notably, 'Like a Rolling Stone' (and also the 45 rpm single recorded at the same sessions, 'Positively 4th St') as well as most of the follow up double album 'Blonde on Blonde' has both organ and piano as well. Also' "Europe '72' by the Grateful Dead has alot of material with great piano playing by Keith Godchaux and organ work from Pigpen (tennessee jed, ramble on rose, it hurts me too, he's gone, jack straw, you win again, just to name a few)

Stevie wonder galore

These are very helpful! Some affirmed what I'd been thinking (Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan), others made me wonder how I'd left them off my list ("The Weight", Hall & Oates) and I've been listening to all the recommendations I'm less familiar with - great stuff in there. I'll be submitting a list of ten on Monday, so if anything else occurs to you before then, let me know. Thank you for the great suggestions.

Brass heavy

Brass/Organ (great interlude piece for long show)


Kinda wide open brass, keys, organ, synth if you like; male/female

Heavy Brass (easey re-arrangement to add other you like/want)

Brass, Keys, Bass, Penny Whistle,-all, easy fun4kids --everyone gets to play on this one

I'm surprised nobody mentioned SuperTramp, especially their album Breakfast in America, one of my all time favs.

Yeah Super Tramp... good one!

And who else?


Any highschooler shudno Uno! Crazy

-- What a great and easy Pete riffing... -- singable by *anyone! da, dat en da da ... da, dat en da da ... da, dat en da da ...

From Slovakia... Wink

Long Train Running, Doobie Bros, -- keys, brass, chick... ... guitar... ... drum solo sehr gut. Crazy


@ustaknow sehr gut indeed! Tight and full of surprises. And the singer reminds me strongly of the mom of one of my students!

I'm past the deadline now for submitting suggestions, but carry on if you want. Smile

@nancyrost -- a good thing to keep in mind, he almost didn't record that song. As the author said, supposedly, it was an old bar jam "throw away" and felt it was not worthy of vinyl... as I like to put it. He was convinced to record anyway... -- it's a money maker Smile Just goes to show "us" what works and who knows why.

The song makes no sense of any kind, he fully repeats the middle chorus to accomodate the harmonica solo and likely to "extend" the song for that period (to short, not good either).

It's an interesting m7 lower bar chord jam, fragments, definitely a "bar jam".

I just thought/knew ?, you'd like it! ... one can always add Brass and Keys... never hurts, unless you don't have Brass and Keys Wink hahhhh! Music 2

-- I just loved "Stage Band", in Junior High... good memories, so simple to enjoy then!