Farewell 5090 - Thanks for a fantastic 3 Months!

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Unbelievable that this is the last weekend of 5090! What a wonderful three months! I enjoyed all of the ~550 songs I was able to comment on and the many more I heard on the jukebox! I loved reading the bios and liner notes of fellow 5090ers and getting to know some of you better. Thanks for sharing your stories - you made me smile, laugh, cry, and think. I truly appreciate all of the thoughtful and insightful comments that you have shared to date on my songs and lyrics. I learn a lot from you! Thanks too to the organizers for keeping everything running smoothly!

A special thanks and shout out to collabotors who brought my lyrics to life with their music! A thousand thanks to you! You bring the magic to my words.

While I hope to stick around to comment more in the next few weeks, other obligations are taking me away from engaging fully over the next several days so I wanted to share my thanks and send my warmest wishes to all before it officially ends. Thank you!

Thank you Liz for your warm and very supportive and inspiring comments! Thank you for your beautiful and highly inspiring lyrics. Hope to read more of them. Good luck with everything!

Yes, thank you for helping make 50/90 such a great experience!

I still am working on your song! Smile I'll get it to you soon! Thanks for all you do hon!

Agree. Thank Liz for your inspiring works. One of the best 50/90's!