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I am willing to run a Fake It! Challenge again this year if there is anyone interested in doing it.

For those not familiar, the idea behind a Fake It! Challenge is that I will write a lead sheet in the style of a fakebook-- just the chords and the lyrics. And then you get to figure out what the melody is.

Let me know if this sounds like fun to you-- the results the last few times I've done this have been amazingly diverse, more than you might think! (See Tan Van Man in FAWM 2020 for an example of this sort of thing)

EDIT: July 4, 2020

The Fake It! Challenge is now live. This year's song is called Truly Amazing.


Some ground rules:
1. You must use the entirety of the lyrics. If you want to repeat the chorus at the end or whatever that's fair game, but the basic idea is to run the song as it goes on the lead sheet.
2. Tag the song with the tag 'fakeit' and post your completed song in this thread.
3. DO NOT TAG ME AS A COLLABORATOR. (Heaven knows I'll write enough songs as it is!) This is a songwriting game and I'm not the important ingredient here.

After a few other entries come in I'll post my take on it as well (which is recorded and uploaded, ready to go).

Yes please to making 'Fake It' music!

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Yes, count me in please.

OK. When 50/90 starts I will put together the Fake It! song and release it on this thread (replacing the original post). I have no idea what it will be but hopefully it'll be a good one.

yeah I am in!

Yes (he said with some trepidation...) Biggrin

I'll join. Enjoy writing to your lyrics.

Count me in please.

Yes please, I want in.

Yes, please!

Sounds like fun!

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I'd like to be part of it

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Tan Van Man had some great ones this past fawm!
Was too busy to participate, but enjoyed the listens! Shouldn't be an issue this summer Wink

I remember Tan Van Man! Good times indeed!

I’m up for this!

I'm in! Excited!

I’m in too!

Me, too!

Fake It challenge is now live! I hope you enjoy it!