Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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To The Lighthouse

Unto One

Velvet Underwear

Whiffs, The

X and the Antepenultimatians

Turn It Off!


Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Zippy & The Pinheads
(I watched "Freaks" last night)

All Is Good Football Has Returned

Beats Me

Cancel All Sports

Dancing is Atavistic Hockey

Elmer and the Fudds

Fefferman's Last Stand

Gnomes R Us

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Hobbits R Us 2

Iguana Non Grata

Jingle Loves Jangle

Klingon Slug Bug

Love That Tie

Mondays, The

Not A Sausage

Opals and Peanuts

Peanuts and the Quince Berry Whiners

Quiet Room Dropouts

Rilly Big Shew

Sociable Snobs

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Tasty leftovers

Unitards, The

Violent Scumbags

Whyolent Scrumbags (Violent Scumbags tribute band)

Xilent Scumbags (A Violent Scumbags tribute band that makes no sound)

Yeltsin Sings Yo-Yo Ma

Zebras in Antarctica

Alpacas In Love

The Bee's Knees

Colostomy Bag
(I assume they are a thrash metal band. I hope!)



Filth of the World

Great Freaks of Fire!

Heck Darnit & The Profanities

Idolatrous Vilifiers

Just Kidding

Kid Jousting

Louse Housing Authority

Motorcycles and Swans

No Nuns Here

Only Nones, The