Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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Wet Wet Tuba

Xtra Tuba-tee Tuba

Yank My Tuba

Zappa Ripped My Flesh

Azure Monsieur

Blu Boi

Canary Yello & The Tweets

Dixie Chix with Dix

Emerald City Rollers

Father Brown and the Strollers

Godmother To Pink Triplets

Heartless Red Eyed Monsters

Indigo Igits

Jade and the Piebald Jammers

K Hole & The Rainbows

Lime Green Lizards

Machine of Silver

New Riders of the Silver Machine

New Bangers of the TomTomS

Orange Is The New Blech

Purple Bananas

Quick Like Bunnies

Red Barron Trump

Stupid Orange Chumps

Tan Orangutan


Violets Wilting Chamberlain

What fresh Hell is This!

X-Ray Charles and the Innards

Young Neil & Crazy Whores

Z is for Zed

A Murder of Accordions


Corndog Assault


EMD 4 EDM and the Locomotive Band

Funky Funksters

Good Gollys, The

Hippie Hipsters & The Skinny Bell Bottoms

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Italic Irons

The Jaundice Brothers

Killer Klingon Kitties

Ladytrondheim (a Norwegian Roxy Music cover band)

Must We?


Oblio & The Arrows


Quit It!

Release the Clowns

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Suigei Suigei Sputnik