Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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ABBA Dabba Doooo!

Bow Wow Meow

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Artificial Brain Cells (A.B.C.) -- oops, too late.

Cell Brain Adoption

Douglas Fir Quintet

Evergreen Fir Douglas

Fir Elise

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Green Fir Days

Her Fir is Green

I Am Fir

Juicy Fir

Killer Fir

Long John Silver Machine.
(Silver Machine tribute band)

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Machine.
(Silver Machine / Beatles tribute band)

Not A True Fir, Douglas!

Orange Claw Silver Hammer Machine
(a Captain Beefheart/Beatles/Silver Machine tribute band)

Petting Fir

Quiet Fir

Real Fir Silver Hammer Machine

Silver Hammertime Machine
(a Silver Machine/MC Hammer/Beatles tribute band)

tribute band for dummies

Uncovered Cover Band

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Van der Halen Generator
(a Van Halen, Van der Graaf Generator cover band)

Whose Band Is This Anyway?

X Marks the Dog Spot

Yellowjacket Attack

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Zander & Lightning

Aardvark Dance Band

Big Brown Bear

Can't Touch This Band

Don't Touch This Band

Everyone Touch This Band

Fuzzy Was A Band

Girls Touch Fuzzy

Happy Little Fuzzy

Irritable Tuba Band

Just Tuba

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Krimson Fuzzy Scuba Band

Tuba Or Not Tuba


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Last Tuba (before mnopqrs)

Manituba Brass

No Tuba Left Behind

(sorry for messing up the alphabetical order earlier; not sure what I was thinking...)

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Orks & Tubas

Pontificating Peanuts

Question The Tuba

The Rusty Tuba Experience

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Sunday Tuba Orchestra

Two Cool Tubas

Useless Tuba of Toothpaste

Tuba Four

Edit: oops. Um...Velocituba