Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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Euler and the Rulers

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Elected Errors

Frog Hop

Grossly Harmless

Hoss Bog

Ignatz Loves Krazy

Jury’s Out
(EDIT: turns out they exist)

Laundry Leprechauns

Maundy Mekon

Neo Nitwits

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Ork Orphans

Probable Return of the Donkeys!

Quack Quack

Rat Rock


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Termite Faerie


Voltmeter Cheaters

Wait For It

Xanthippe and the Hippies

Zoologists ft the Zebratic Orchestra

A New Beginning

Beatnik Beating

Cleopatra Scheming


Dirty Dumplings

Ebbs of Everlasting Elvises

Fundoobolaters, The

Go Home

Hippie Hippie Vanilla Shakes

Icicle Pie

Juggling Knives

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Knife Juggling Antics

Latern Lasses

Men Juggling Knives Antically

No Post on Sundays!

Only Sun On Post Days

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Posh Days Revisited

Quiet Queefers

Really Loud And Obnoxious

Star Bellied Sneetches, The

Terrible Tommy and The Timmy Toms

Splendid Tom and his Tinny Tiny Tom Toms. Biggrin

Unsex Pistols

Vacuum For Brains Screws Up the Alphabet Again (My Sincerest Apologies! ) Smile

Ward & The Beavers

Xena Warrior Band

Yellow Bellied Crap Suckers

Zoo Maniacs