Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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The Inside Outs

Jinx the Sphinx


Llamas of a Golden Hue

Mary the Contrary Twins

Nary a Canary

Ornery Pigs

Porkier Pigz, The

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Quaker Oats Breakfast Club Review

Regular Guys

(The) Stringless Yoyos

Tommy Threetones

Ugly Gorilla

Voracious Appetites

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Wondrous Great Blue Ship

X my X

X my X

Young Comedians

Wayne Kerr and the branleurs

Zebra Top

(The) Alphabet Snoops

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(The) Bottom of the Barrel Feeders.

Comma, Comma, No Comma

Diacritical Marks-ists, The

Ed Gar and his Swizzlefish

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Fandom of the OB-Xa

Godspeed you bottle opener

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia and His Autological Lost Planet Word Men

In The Weeds

Jocund Glee Club, The

Kubrick and the Golden Rubes

Legs For Miles

(The) Merry Misanthropes

Nobodies Anonymous (h/t Walt Kelly!)

Edit: and there is a band called the Anonymous Nobodies. I wonder if they ever read Pogo. Smile

Edit edit: apparently a movie company or something. Too lazy to actually figure it out.

Ow! Ow! Ah...

Pig Headed Braggarts

Q is Useless

Rich And Stupid

Stupidly Rich

Tawdry, Showy, Garish, and Loud (clearly a glam rock band)

Ugly, Stupid, And Rich

Viciously Stupid


The Xenophyles

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Yelling Rebels

Zeno's Files!

Absolute Zeros

Broken Buffalo