Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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Nacho Taco

Opening For

Pixie Punks

? and the Ambiguous Naming Conventions Smile

Redemption Convention

The Sock Monkeys

Theodore's Phy6 Experiment

Ukeleyland 8

The Violin Offensive

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Warship Graveyard

Xylophone Drones, The

Yell "Ow" Submariner!

Zong Zombies

Abacus Accountants

Big Big Pants

Colossal Fossills

Counting Coconuts


Egg Spurts

Friend of a Friend of a Friend

The Gastro Intestinals

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Hearing Things

X Marks

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The I-Just-Saw-That-The-First-Page-Of-Comments-Ends-With-W's
@ampersandman Wink

Juice for Judas

Kitty Kat Trio

Lil Nashville X

The Mighty Misanthropes

Nuckleheads Can't Spell

Overmedicated Oranges

Press Peanuts

Quinoa Observer

Russell Simpkin and the Strawmen

The The Stutters
(oh crap, just googled it, it's an actual band! LOL)

To Early to be Upright

Unqualified Applicants

Veritas et Luxury

Walla Walla, Washington


Yuppie Death Squad

Yuppie Death Squad

ZZ Fuy

Amanda's Amazing Antiquated Anomalies, A4 for short
(Was hoping I'd catch the 'A'. Woo hoo!)

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Cow Tipping Prevention Society

Don't Drink Drunk

The Electric Slide Rules

Flea Market Rebels

Gregarious Hermits

Hermitic Gregarians