Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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The Tønsberg Terracotta Theremin Tentett

Sad Donkey

Ultrasad Donkey

Tonky John Key and the Plinky-Plonky Honky Shonky Blinky Wonky Donkeys! Smile


The Xtremely Xtremes

Where's the W featuring Donkey McDonkerson

Y R U a Sad Donkey?

Y R U for short *evil grin*

Xenophobic Astronauts

@Mt.Mélodie Wouldn't Z be next?

Zookeepers in Cages

All the picks are under the sofa

Butts On Couches

Couches Under Butts

Drugged Up Donkeys

Everything's Do or Donkey!

F#@&ing Donkey

GawdDamn Donkeys

Happy Weekenders, The

Infinite Jealousy

Jubilant Equus, The

Kilogram Parsons

Lapidary Larry and his Stone Cold Rockers

Male Pattern Boldness

Ned's Kelly Gang

(The) Obese Owl Observers

Phil Dirt and the Backhoe Boys

Quinine Larry and the Malaria Brothers

Rusty’s nailed on band

Stool Mule

Trinity Toboggan


Vortex For Tex

Weekend Getaways

X Spots the Mark

Young Giant Marbles

Zinger the Singer

All About Yves St. Laurent

The Bear With Mes

Contortionist Performances

Deaf Helen de Grave

Everyone Poops

Fried and Died

Gary the Dairy Cow

Husker Donut

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Irregular mitigation

June Moon Spoon

King Cringin'

Lord Vader and The Sith

Moon Spoon June