Fake Band Name "A is for ABBA"

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Qualia and the Experiences

Quinn's Pro Quote

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Silly String Serenade

Tipsy Bridesmaids

Uh Oh

Values Devaluated

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What Now?

Xtreme views

Yet Also Then

Zilch Ain't Nothing

Ain't Zilch Nothing?


Corianna & The Co-Conspirators

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Dewin’ It

Eddie and the Eggos

Ferocious Hamsters

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Galavanting Gophers

Harrumph Harrumph

The Icicle Briefs

Jokovic and The Not-So-Tenacious D

Kick The Bucket

"Lick" would be a great band name, but apparently it's taken (Members have played with Pigface, The Final Cut, Project Elf, Sister Machine Gun and more.) How about Lickspittle? No, that one's taken, too. Um...let's go with: Lick it! Yeah that's the ticket

My Band Name

(I've noticed a few real band names here, @fresh spotless youth; it's hard to come up with something totally original!)

Not Your Band Name

Open Sesame!


Quoted Aphorisms

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Saliva Junction

Tasty and Proud of It!


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Viable Band Name

W (pronounced: Double V)

Xxxtra Cheese

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Yahoo and The Hooligans

Ziggy Morally

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All around the ABC

BBC Spit-Takes

Calculator Soup

DUY Crush

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Early Night

fresh spotless youth

Gamelan Frenzy

Hallelujah Butts

I Like Lakes

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Japanese Healthcare

Karma Police

Live Tonight!

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