Fake Band Name "A is for ABBA"

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It's well past time to start this thread!!
Fake band names only!!

Anarchist Kittens

Bacon Muffin Sandwich

Caligula's Cousin's Birthday Party Band.

DJ Nero

Enough is Never Enough

Fin Finally & the Finite Finales

Good Golly Molly Marching Band

Hawkbreeze (specializing in easy-listening cover versions of Hawkwind tunes)

I Don’t Know How They Missed the Elephant in the Room

Kings of the Electric Tambourine

Just In Time

Krap! I screwed up the alphabet again!!

lolz and the emojis

My Band is Called "No".

No It Isn't

Oh yes it is


Quality Optional

Ruffle Something's Happening

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Stagnant Waters

Tulsi's Gibberish All Flute Orchestra

Ulysses Grant Tribute Band

Vivian Oblivion

Willy Won't He

blues berry energy bar

(the) Cat Calls

The Delighted

(E)xcuse me! Didn't X, Y, Z, and A get Short Shrift?

Forgetting The Alphabet

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Gone sorting (the letters)

How Dare You?!

I Didn't Do It

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Jellyfish Jams

Klingon Killers

See You In The Shadows…


Meatball Apocalypse

November Pain (A sub-par G'n'R Tribute Band)

See You In The Shadows…

"Oh Really?" Said the Porcupine

Porcupine Shrub

See You In The Shadows…

Quack Addict

Radioactive Ham Sandwich

Sandwiches of Eastwick

Totally Normal

Under Porcupine Sandwiches (not to be confused with the brown coloured delivery service Wink )

See You In The Shadows…

The Verifiers

Wyzyrd Lyzyrd

Xavior’s behaviour

Yelling at Bananas

Zed Peppermint

Arcade Earth

See You In The Shadows…

Baby Daddy Brigade