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I wasn't sure where to ask this, and I sent an email but wasn't sure if I pressed 'send' correctly. So hope this is ok here.

I donated for my rock hands at the start of 50/90, but now would like to avail of the online hosting also. So I have just donated another $15 today. Now I have a few questions lol

How do I sort the online hosting ? How long will it take to activate it ? Will they know the donation is from me (Amanda West), as opposed to the name on the donation (Amanda Anderson - my almost ex married name lol) ?

Thanks everyone Smile

Amanda (West lol)

Just fill in the contact form at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/contact and one of the lovely Distads will sort it out, I'm sure Smile

Hi Helen Smile Thanks - I did that !

But it appears I got rock hands again lol I think my email message and the donation got crossed in the mail ! Wink

They will get to it, but probably not till after work their time at the earliest. I know it is hard to wait, but it'll get sorted, I'm sure.
@Eric Distad @Jen Distad

@tcelliott thank you Smile It's just that I have this really epic drum solo rock hit that I created - and it was my first time ever managing to 100% on my own write something using my DAW !!!!!!!!! and it's highly inappropriate for my SC page Wink

@Amanda West - check the spam box of your email. The message might be in there.

@Fuzzy I received an email thanking me for my donation, and awarding me my rock hands Smile However, I already donated for my rock hands at the start of 50/90 lol this was an extra $15 so I can use the hosting service for my songs and terrible music tracks lol
Unfortunately I forgot to attach a note explaining that to the payment, so I sent a message via this site explaining. I just think it has got so confusing, especially as the payment came from 'Amanda Anderson', my married surname of my almost ex lol And now I use my maiden name to try and cut all ties, which is 'Amanda West' - see it's confusing even to me Sad lol

You have unlimited hosting, remember? I set you up a folder on my web server...

Hey @Amanda West - Sorry for the delay. We've been really swamped with stuff. Email is on it's way to you with the hosting info.

Thank you everyone - its all sorted ! Sorry for the mess and confusion Smile