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@kahlo2013, got you added!!

How we doing with that prog corpse, @Mt.Mélodie? No pressure, but I'm getting antsy...

@headfirstonly I've been swamped down by work, so maybe you can start it instead, and I can be moved to the end or something. I can still stitch. But I fear I won't have time to record anything until Monday/Tuesday next week.

@ballyhoot and @see-man-ski I sent y'all an email regarding my bit for corpse A. I'm as done as I'll ever be

@headfirstonly, @Mt.Mélodie, I have changed your order for the prog/experimentsl group.

@fresh spotless youth, I have not received any email from you as of yet. Hopefully it's just a delay in delivery. However, you might consider checking your SENT box to ensure that it actually sent. I'll let you know when I receive it. Thanks!

Send my part to stitcher for the backward corpse. Cant wait!

and Floating Intentions of Lost Sheep (Backwards Corpse C) is now live! http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42924

Oh dear, just seen this!! I haven’t received anything though, how was it sent??@sph ???

Forget that, found your email in the junk folder!!

@ballyhoot Cool - on it like a car bonnet, as the saying used to go. More than happy to assume stitching duties as well, @Mt.Mélodie - as a production nerd I *love* that part of the process!

@headfirstonly if you want to do the stitching I have no problem leaving it to you.

Ok, I think I got this @failedluddite I need to send you my full 60 seconds of music, drop me line with your email please. @Fuzzy should have a link to the 10 second section to continue this process.... I hope I've got this right..

I finally sent my last part for the acoustic corpse!

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Hi @dzd, what is the status of GROUP G: ANYTHING GOES? From next week on I will be of the grid for ca 1,5 weeks

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@sph I sent a 10s to @nateger but never heard anything back, at the time we were only two in it, maybe they'll see a mention Biggrin I'm about to be out of town for a few weeks myself, but can still mess with files, will just not have anything but an acoustic with me.

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Hi @dzd, ok then let's wait for @nateger a bit. In the meantime I can also mess with some files including your last ten seconds

Hey, @Zeekle, I sent you a message on Sunday (I think) with my email. Did you get it? I found your messages last week had gone into spam, which is why I didn't get to you sooner.

Any news on corpse A, @see-man-ski?

@failedluddite Sadly I didn’t get your message as it went straight to the spam folder. I have retrieved it and will sort when on the laptop instead of my phone. Thanks for letting me know.

Will try to get the stitching done this evening before I call it a night

Prog Corpse Delta is now well under way. Mine and @dzd's sections are done...

@Zeekle, I have received your file. No need to worry about timing as @Fuzzy hasn’t finished the next section yet

Yeah, I've totally lost track of time.
I'll get this done and sent away today (Sunday) if possible.

Guess the ball is in my court... got the clip from @dzd.

OK, I've sent my full segment for the "Experimental/Anything Goes" corpse to stitcher @failedluddite and the last ten seconds to @lowhum.

Got your file, @Fuzzy. It's shaping up to be a great song. I think @lowhum is the last, so not long before we unleash it on the world.

Handed my last ten seconds off to @AndyGetch.

Got it @sbs2018 thanks!

Sorry I dropped the ball on 5090. I've checked my email but not got anything from @fresh spotless youth @ballyhoot do you have the track to forward on?

Nevermind just spotted a comment on my profile page.

Hey, @see-man-ski, the 5090 is long, so no worries. A link to the 10 seconds is right there on your soundboard!

Yep, just thought to check my soundboard after posting to this. Will try and put something together this weekend.


I'm ready with my part for the experimental corpse - send my part to stitcher - is Mt.Mélodie in? If yes - signal, pls so I send last 10 sec

I don't think he's in the Experimental Corpse, @lowhum; I believe he was just "in reserve" in case not enough people signed up, just like I am in the Group G Experimental Corpse (what's the status on that, anyway, @dzd?).

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Hi @Fuzzy et al @dzd tried to contact @nateger a while ago and then did send the 10 seconds to me as well before being out of town for some time. I'll be back on Tuesday and plan to submit something the next day. Will send my last ten seconds to @kahlo2013 if that's ok

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@Fuzzy @sph it all works for me, anything goes Smile , yeah I never heard back from @nateger hope things are okay, but hop on in if you wanna fuzzy! Biggrin

I couldn't remember for sure if I went ahead and sent you a 10s clip or not sph, haha glad I did, now I hope I can find the full minute of that I clipped it out of, really need to stop naming stuff weird until it actually has a title hahah Biggrin ......but no worries, I'll be alright stitching I'm much more careful with others stuff Smile

Hi, I’ve rearranged the order of the last group to correspond with what y’all are doing, ie, dzd, sph, kahlo, and fuzzy, with nateger in reserve.

@metalfoot, do you have everything you need for stitching the acoustic corpse together?

I’ve got your file, @lowhum, though have no internet at home just now, so can’t download it to my computer until that is back. That’s the song finished now, so I’ll get it uploaded soon. (Probably tomorrow though unless my internet comes back soon)

@ballyhoot just pinged you an email with something

@see-man-ski, yep saw it and listened, cool track! Will hopefully finish stitching this corpse together tonight

GROUP A is now completed, stitched, and posted!! Smile


And Acoustic Corpse 1 is done. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44135

@AndyGetch, @Mt.Mélodie, @sph: Hi, just an end-of-August checkup on our unfinished corpses. Any updates on status or estimated completion for your segment?

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It's took me too long but will be finished tonight

@ballyhoot, I've started work on my progressive corpse part, have finally have some spare time early next week, plan to finish both that and do the lo-fi corpse part (had forgotten all about it).

@ballyhoot my progressive/experimental corpse minute sent to the stitcher @headfirstonly and 10s sent to @Mt.Mélodie

Awesome, thanks guys!!!

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Finally. I did send the last seconds to @kahlo2013 and everything to @dzd

Hey EQ G -

@dzd and @Fuzzy check your email or soundboard for your respective segments for EQ G

AND it looks like we need another person or two to join corpse G!

Any progress on the LO-FI Corpse?