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@ballyhoot I'll just use an old mini handheld cassette recorder in the middle of a loud room more than likely, good question though, I've just recently last few months stepped into the 90s and 00s and finally halfass figured out a DAW hahhaha(and only because my 4-track crapped the bed). I would think just using a laptop/phone any cheapo mic would also constitute as lo-fi, especially if not cleaned up with filters/compressors/plug-ins, but that's just me, oh and don't worry if your fan/ac is on or dog barking Wink Andy should decide though, that's the poor soul that will HAVE to listen to stitch hahahah

@ballyhoot Generally "lo-fi" is the opposite of "hi-fi" or high fidelity (polished studio music). For ideas, I generally record (and post TBH) in lo-fi. Maybe the recording intentionally has or adds distortion or background noise (computer hum, ceiling fan, etc.). Maybe the audio equipment itself is of poorer quality (smartphone voice memos app, old tape recorder, old/cheap/malfunctioning gear, etc.) adds its own distortion of noise. A lot of the time the recording is just one track. I guess it is now a sort of instrumental genre for white noise background music. Who knew? More here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo-fi_music

I’m also wondering what might be considered Progressive/Experimental. Is “Prog House” Or “Space Disco” in that group?

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@sbs2018 definitely! whatever the hell it is I know I wanna hear some space disco Smile

I will take "lo-fi" and "Experimental - Anything Goes", please.

@Fuzzy, done!! Smile

Thanx, @ballyhoot.
I'm excited by the possibilities of "Anything Goes".

@AndyGetch, I went ahead and registered for the last slot in the Lo-Fi group. Figured I'd give it a go.

Excellent @ballyhoot! @dzd yes to any of fan on, dog barking, AC unit, refrigerator, laptop mic, now you're talking! BTW my DAW (Garageband) has lo-fi types of effects that certainly qualify.

Would love to join in anywhere there is room! Thank you for organizing!

Put me in for B, C and F!

@kahlo2013, I’ve added you to the lo-fi group.

@lowhum, I’ve added you to your requested groups.

Happy 50/90 everybody!!!

I have sent my first ten seconds to @Tabitha L. for the Backwards corpse C, and my last ten seconds to @dzd for the Lo-Fi corpse E. I am stitching both corpses so already have my full minute recordings and lyrics.

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Lo-Fi passed on Smile @Fuzzy 's turn to hmmm we'll say buzz? scuzz? it up? hmmm nothing fits there Smile

My bit for group a is done and fragment sent to @metalfoot to keep it going!!

My Lo-Fi segment is finished and passed down the line.

Going to work on my corpse pieces hopefully this evening Smile

I nearly finished mine, but then it suddenly acquired some vocals, so will have to wait until tomorrow for me to record them.

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@ballyhoot I could start and stich another if enough are interested, no real rush, how about another anything goes?

Ok, @dzd, I added a new group g, anything goes, with you in first slot and assigned as stitcher.

I have finished my lo-fi piece but I’m not sure how lo-fi it is.

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@ballyhoot thanks! and unless you're sitting around about 500k worth of recording gear I'm pretty sure it counts, I don't really buy into the whole "professional quality home studio schtick" Wink

I have done my part for Corpse A and Corpse B. The segments are passed along to the appropriate stitchers and participants.

I have finished my part for the backwards corpse and sent the things to the people.

@sph now has my part for Corpse F

Hey all, I created a new user account called @Exquisite Corpse Corps to act as a kind of clearinghouse for all our corpses this year. If you are a stitcher, when you post the final song, please include this account as a collaborator. Thx!

— Ballyhoot

Ok i finally got around to sending my last 10 (well, 15 really) for the lo-fi group to @Mt.Mélodie, so yay me! Smile

Oh! Sign me up to any of the corpses if there's room!

@nateger, done. You’re in Group G!!

You can put me in reserve for Group G if you want in case not enough people join up.

@Fuzzy, gotcha down !!!

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Hi there, finally did my segment for Corpse A and sent the last 10 seconds to [@VomVorton] as well as the full minute to @ballyhoot.
Sorry it took me so long. On to my segment for Corpse F

Thanks @sph, got your file. Sounds good!

By the way, we still have slots available for anyone who wants to "play." Also, here's the current status of all the groups:

Group A: @Vom Vorton
Group B: @Tabitha L.
Group C: @metalfoot
Group D: @headfirstonly
Group E: @Mt.Mélodie
Group F: @sph
Group G: @dzd

On it! Will get something sorted in the next few days.

I have now finished my section for Group B and sent the things to the various people.

I will try to get going on my backward corpse part today.

Sorry for slowing down things, but I'll record and upload my part for the lo-fi corpse and the start of the progressive/experimental corpse early next week, when I get back home to the studio.

I'm living in fear of my impending role in this thing. I don't want to leave a gangrenous member on an otherwise exquisite corpse. I guess it's always worked out in the past.

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@fresh spotless youth I know what you mean, I'm worried about that acoustic one, it's been months since I've even played anything clean acoustic other than a piano(badly) and there's some really talented people in that one... oh well! every corpse has one part a little more decayed than the rest hah! So take your time guys/gals, or actually don't, just slop something together hahah

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Hi, finally I found some time (and got my laptop back...) to record something for Group F. I did send the last 10 seconds to @Zeekle and the full part to @failedluddite

I do believe I am now up-to-date on my commitments.

My segment for Corpse A is done - I have sent 10 seconds to @fresh spotless youth and the full segment to @ballyhoot, let me know if either of you haven't received what you need!

I have received said segment and will do my thing with it. Sticking hatpins in soufflés is my specialty

My bit of the backwards corpse done and relevant tracks sent to @AndyGetch and @lowhum. One more and that corpse will be buried. Smile

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Tim got me his part for the acoustic one I should get mine done hopefully tonight or tomorrow, if you want to update that...if it's stuck on me might motivate me some more Smile

Hey @ballyhoot and [@ski-man-ski] -- I have some flesh for y'all. How should I send it?

@fresh spotless youth, if you go to my account, you should be able to click on the contact icon to send me an email with a link to your file. Or you can post it on my board. Or you might be able to email me the entire file if it’s not too big.

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I'd like to sign for group G. Is that the prog disco one? Wink

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@sph yes, that or medieval folk metal with a hint of jazz fusion, but only if there is a smattering of cricket symphony here and there Biggrin

@sph, you’ve been added!

Happy to join G anything goes if people are still needed