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@nateger - ten seconds of bigger production corpse 3 on its way to you thirty seconds ago. Wink

@nateger - thanks Nate Smile

@ballyhoot & @Valerie Cox have been switched on the basic production corpse

@Valerie Cox the 10-second clip has been sent!

Finished my segment for the Open Production Exquisite Corpse, and sent file link to @marvsmooth. Only now realized that I was the last person in that group and didn't really record the song with that in mind, but fortunately, it kind of works out okay, I think. There's a sense of finality to it that I think will suffice.

Here is Ever Alone, Never Alone, which is the completed Open Production Corpse - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38101

Great job, @marvsmooth! FYI: I added some content to the Lyrics section. Thanks!

Looks like there's still an open slot for the Backwards Acoustic EC. You can stick me there if you'd like. Smile

Thank you @ballyhoot, I’ve added to the beginning/end of the backwards acoustic corpse.

Backwards acoustic... I can’t remember if mine was acoustic!

I’ve updated the whole opening of the thread, if people want to see what’s happening.

@marvsmooth Here's an update for your thread update! I sent my 10-second clip to @Valerie Cox Smile

@nateger - thanks Nate Smile

Blimey, you’re doing a fair bit at the moment! You okay with what you have?

@marvsmooth I've got @plainwhitetoast's 10 seconds for the prog corpse.

Also, sph dropped out of the bigger production and I passed 10 seconds direct to @nateger so we may need two more participants for that one.

@Dragondreams - okay...

Oh, two needed for that.

@marvsmooth - the running order for bigger production corpse is still not correct. Wink
@nateger followed me in position 2, replacing @sph. And the file is still with Nate as far as I know. I've not had his full piece back yet.

@Dragondreams - Thank you. On my way home to bed now. Back on in nine hours!

@marvsmooth I don't know if it's kosher but I'm happy to go again the Bigger Production EXCO, if needed Smile

@nateger - we shall see. I’m hoping two will show up, or I may have to have a go at a big production, which isn’t usually my thing during these!

I'm sorry I'm stalling the backward acoustic - I'll do sth. about it tonight!

Basic Production Corpse UPDATE: My bit is done and has been sent to @ballyhoot
@marvsmooth If you would, please update that in the progress bar. Thanks.

Yep got it, thanks! I’ve recorded a quick phone video sketch of an idea that I think will work. Just need to find time to sit down and record a proper version.

finally sent 10 sec to @kahlo2013 for the back acoustic!

I'm holding up the prog corpse - life getting in the way at my end. I'll be on it this weekend

Okay! I just finished my section of the Backwards EC and sent my piece to the stitcher @andygetch and my first 10 seconds to @ballyhoot!

Looking forward to hearing this one...

@kahlo2013, got it, thank you! Good timing. I just finished my segment for the Basic Production EC but want to make some changes to it tonight or tomorrow before sending it to the stitcher. Once I've done that, I can tackle the Backwards EC over the weekend.

I see empty spaces for the big production corpse. I would like to give it a go.

@lowhum - Thank you. Added. Smile

@Mt.Mélodie - can you send your bit to @lowhum then please?

@marvsmooth - I've been kind of slow on my turn-around times this season, so I hesitate, but go ahead and add me to the end of the bigger production corpse, please. Thank you.

@plainwhitetoast - Thank you, Tom.

Ok, I sent my segment for the Basic Production to the stitcher, so that corpse is all but buried. Now onto the backward acoustic corpse!

Finished my bit for the backwards acoustic exquisite corpse and sent it to @AndyGetch. So another corpse on the edge of the grave.

I will look for the part and work on putting it together this evening once the kids are in bed!

Great work as always @metalfoot. Thanks for stitching!

and the backwards acoustic corpse is complete and stitched. Great work @marvsmooth @lowhum @kahlo2013 @ballyhoot http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38578

Suddenly four collaborations showed up on my profile... Crikey!

Great work y’all. I’ll update this thread when I get up

For those who might be interested, I expanded one of my EC segments into a full song. You can hear it here:


@marvsmooth - sent my full piece for the Prog Corpse to @Mt.Mélodie and last ten seconds to @lowhum.

Sorry about the delay.

Yesterday I sent 10 sec to @Mt.Mélodie and whole piece to him as well Lol

@marvsmooth, @Dragondreams and @lowhum, I've been sick for a while and then been burried in work to catch up, but I've finally got a free day so finishing the progcorpse today

Finally finished the Progressive/Experimental Corpse.