Exquisite Corpse, anyone?

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Will do. Thanks!

It's ok - got it working on it

Looks like all the pieces for corpse 1 have trickled in so I'll be assembling it later on today! Thanks everyone.

Love EC 1!! The hair heir etc., was great. Really enjoyed the part. All the other bits were good, too. Very enjoyable.

One thing, though... The piece from @marvsmooth appears to be the same fragment that he sent me for EC 3. I'm sure he didn't do this on purpose (using the same piece for two corpses), but end result is that my piece plays directly off of his. Thus, whatever he DID put together for EC 3 probably won't fit very well with what I ended up putting together.

I should've caught on earlier, because the file was labeled "....corpse1.....mp3" but I didn't pay attention to that at the time. My bad, there.

If @lowhum hasn't gotten very far in his EC 3 piece, and if marvsmooth can send me the correct piece, we can "rewind." Or we can pretend my piece is the first piece of EC 3.... Or marvsmooth can reverse-engineer and create a new "song #1" to fit at the beginning and dovetail into mine....

Not the end of the world, but thought I should bring this to everyone's attention.... Smile

Sent my 10 secs to @fresh spotless youth and whole to @marvsmooth!

Damn, I just realised that I sent the wrong piece to @ballyhoot for the third exquisite corpse, but instead sent the piece for the already posted first exquisite post!

I'm going to have to listen to what @ballyhoot has done, and create something to work around that!

As the stitcher, I have removed myself from the beginning of the third Exquisite Corpse, and it starts with @ballyhoot's great piece, followed up with @lowhum.

Does anyone want to do another EC using what was intended to be the introduction piece that I did?

Yes, let's do that. I'll set up EC4.

I could do another one... Smile

I have received the bit from lowhum. I will listen when I get home and...something

I can also go for 4 !

Hey, the ball is in my court. I'm having a hard time staying below 90 seconds, which is funny, since most of my stand-alone songs are short. Is 90 seconds okay? I'm happy to bow out, or i could try a new direction

I don't think you'll be kicked out of the Corpse Club or anything if you go 90 seconds. If it concerns you, just stop your song ANYWHERE you want around the 60 second mark and let the next guy figure it out... Uh...unless you're the last song. Then just take the 90 seconds. Smile

@fresh spotless youth Do what you need to do. Smile

Keep the 90 seconds. It’s fine!

Hey, how do I email my bits to people. I would prefer to attach an mp3 to an email, unless there's a better idea

I think attaching an mp3 should be fine. Depending on where you are storing it, you can sometimes email the link and the next person can follow the link and download the file.

I wanted to attach the mp3 to an email cuz I was out of room on soundcloud. I didn't get a direct email address so I cleared out some room on soundcloud and posted a link on @kahlo2013 soundboard. have fun

@fresh spotless youth - have you sent me the full piece?

Going to finish my chunk of EC4 later today. Then will pass it along!

Sent mine for EC #3 to @marvsmooth

Sent my chunk of EC4 to ballyhoot!

Happy to join Corpse 4 if there is still room!

I'll follow @kahlo2013 on the third EC.

@marvsmooth Do you have magic mod privileges in this forum? LOL

@metalfoot - I'm an admin

Wondering if I should be bumped further down for EC 4. Not sure I can work on this till this weekend. Might be good for someone else to go if the can get something done before the Saturday.

I can go - send me what you've got

OK. Will do.

I sent my parts for ex_corpse4! fave fun guys!

My part of EC#4 is done and sent.

I'm on EC 4!

EC4 is now done; I just need to stitch it. Too tired after being on the road from 6:30am till 9:15 pm today. Will work on tomorrow.

Stitched it. Posted it. Then realized (a) I'd messed up stitching it and (b) I needed to get to work. I'll redo the stitching later on and then un-private the post once I've uploaded the revised version. (I tacked on a 10s chunk twice by accident)

OK. Fixed. *35164

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Bravo to @metalfoot for organizing, playing and stitching so adamantly!

I echo @sph. And thank you to everybody else who helped bring these corpses to life! I had done a few songs for 50/90 but then got burned out and wasn't "feeling" it anymore. And the Exquisite Corpses came along and led me to create some music that I never would've created, often using structures, techniques, or even chords that I had never really tried before. Great fun! Thanks all!