Exquisite Corpse, anyone?

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Not sure which forum this most belongs in but here goes:

The Exquisite Corpse is one of my favourite FAWM/50-90 games. In it, each participant tries to continue the song based on a small (10 sec) snippet of the chunk which came before it. The stitcher takes all the pieces (typically 45s-1m in length) and compiles a song from it, which is then posted to great mirth and hilarity for all involved.

I know it's early in 50/90 but I'd like to get the ball rolling if anyone's interested...
and I'm willing to start and stitch this first one.

Any takers?

1. metalfoot -- DONE
2. marvsmooth -- DONE
3. Rob from Amersfoort -- DONE
4. iveg - DONE
5. nateger - DONE
6. kahlo2013 - DONE

Stitcher: sph
1. Rob from Amersfoort -DONE
2. Jibbidy34 -DONE
3. metalfoot - DONE
4. sph - DONE
5. kahlo2013 - DONE
6. lowhum - DONE

CORPSE #3 -- DONE http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/34774
Stitcher: marvsmooth
1. ballyhoot -DONE
2. lowhum - DONE
3. Fresh Spotless Youth - DONE
4. kahlo2013 - DONE
5. marvsmooth - DONE

CORPSE #4 -- DONE : *35164
Stitcher: metalfoot
1. marvsmooth - DONE
2. metalfoot - DONE
3. lowhum - DONE
4. ballyhoot - DONE
5. kahlo2013 - DONE

@metalfoot - over here Alex Smile

Yes! One can never have too many corpses.

I'll be ready for corpse fun after the 23rd of July. Check back in and see how far you've managed to get by then.

Count me in, please.

Sign me up!

Happy to play!!!!

I think 6 is enough for Corpse #1. I'll get rolling on it tonight, health permitting.

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good idea to close at six contributors. I am willing to stitch the second one and would like to take part - but not as the starter Smile

@sph Very well then! You can be stitcher for #2. I've stuck you in slot 4 tentatively...

I've sent my last 10 seconds to @iveg. I'll sent the whole segment to @metalfoot tomorrow (I don't have time to mix today).

Tomorrow I have a free day. I am available to start the second corpse, just let me know!

Rob, go ahead and start corpse #2, I'll see if I can get some more people to come play with us...!

Sign me up! I'm in Smile

And I am in Round one but would be happy to be slotte into round 2 or 3 as well

Write me in!

Corpse 2 is now completely populated! If there's demand, I'll set up corpse 3.

Also, thinking of setting up some corpse-variants if demand exists; lyrics-first, reverse-order, acoustic-only, etc...

Sticks hand up for corpse three Smile

As stitcher of corpse#1 and as a participant in corpse#2, I just want to note that I will be unable to make music, mix pieces into final renders, etc from July 21-August 8, at least in any meaningful way.

Carry on...

@metalfoot emailed you the finished piece and lyrics
@nateger emailed you the last 10 sec and some info to make it easier for you... if you want it. Have fun!

I'm in if there's going to be a 3rd?

There will be a 3rd!

I’m in for another if there is one.

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Please add me as well

I'm working at the opening for ECII but it takes a bit longer than expected. I expect it to be finished this afternoon or tomorrow morning (CET).

Sent @Jibbidy34 my last 10 seconds for ECII
Sent @sph the whole segment + lyrics
Sent @metalfoot my segment for ECI + lyrics + proposed transition

Got it! I don't know (again) if I can do any stitching or stuff like that while on vacation, as I'm away from my music gear, but I have the files downloaded. Smile

I have sent my last 10 secs to @metalfoot and @sph I just need to know where to send the whole segment to?

@Jibbidy34 SPH is your stitcher for corpse#2 so he gets the whole segment

I haven’t really been music-ing much lately and still don’t feel like trying to write or record full songs, but an exquisite corpse or two would be fun. So sign me up for #3 please if you’re still doing it,


I'm in for #3 as well!

It's still on... I'm just 2000 miles away from my recording and music making gear so I can't work on stuff till I get home. I'll add both of you to #3!

Oops, I didn’t realise that #3 was a go with me starting...

I’ll get onto it!

I’ll stitch as well if you want me to?

@marvsmooth if you want to be the stitcher and get #3 rolling, I'd be more than happy to let you!

I've done a few corpses and have always been super happy with my contribution. That said, it always feels like a crap shoot to me, something I might not have the ability to pull off. I would be happy to be plugged in to this endeavor. However, if I listen to the snippet I receive and feel that I can't do anything with it, I reserve the right to pull out (promptly, so as to keep things moving).

Finally done my part for corpse #2 and have passed both the full and the 10 s chunk on to @sph.
@nateger, did you send me your chunk for corpse#1 and I missed seeing it somehow? or where are things at?

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@metalfoot got the two parts and loaded only the 10s into the DAW. Thanks!

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Finally, my segment for corpse #2 is ready for sending it to @kahlo2013

I am on it! Thanks!!!

If no one else signs up for EC 3 I am happy to!

@Kraftec - I've emailed to you a snippet of my piece for the third corpse, including a little bit of something from it at the end, if you want to use it. Have fun Smile

Done with my part on EC 2! 10 sec has been sent on to @lowhum to finish the sequence!

I just send the last part to @sph!

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And here it is: seven minutes of wonderfulness. Thanks for everyone involved: @Rob From Amersfoort, @Jibbidy34, @metalfoot, @kahlo2013 and @lowhum

@nateger & @Kraftec - how are you both doing?

Sorry, I haven't been on here for a few weeks... Not much time for music making so you can just skip me.

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I'll be back in action at the end of the week and could fill in for kraftec from friday on

Sorry, everyone! I had a big move last month so I have not had time to record! I am back and excited to do some music Smile

@nateger Glad to have you back!

If I’m next in line for corpse #3, I can bump up.

Not sure how much time I'll have this weekend so I jumped on the fragment that marvsmooth sent me and stayed up late to get it done. My brain is feeling a bit sloshy so I hope it sounds okay. Sending full piece to Marv and last 10 seconds (ish) to .... Uh... Who DO I send it to? Did I swap places with Kraftec? Do I send it to sph who offered to fill in for Kraftec? Or do I send it to lowhum who is next after me on the original Corpse #3 list?

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Hi @ballyhoot send it to @lowhum to not confuse the sequence until @marvsmooth puts me in somewhere