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This challenge seems to be a good tradition for Fawmers and 5090ers. I was very pleased to contribute to the "Flower"-Challenge on this year's February.
If I remember it right, the lyrics and chord progressions were given to do a free interpretation of it.
I made my first song with English lyrics one month ago and hoped for a few interesting interpretations of it, but no one contributed to my "Strange Contest" yet. So I thought to give it a second try! in a different way Wink

I'm new to this. so please correct me if I am wrong with this challenge!

The Lyrics:

There once was a house
At the end of the street
With boarded up windows so grey
And inside this house
Was a long corridor
With pictures that ask you to stay

There once was a picture
Hanging in the old house
Undoubtedly a work of art
And right in that picture
You could see a bright star
And a man with a hole in his heart

There’s more to this than meets the eye
Strange how this night passes by

There once was a man
With his sun glasses on
Hiding from the star’s blazing light
He was a ghost
Captured into the scene
With a little squid right by his side

There’s more to this than meets the eye
Strange how this night passes by

There once was a squid
Painting pictures with oil
Tentacles moving with speed
And that little squid
paints a starry night’s scene
And a house at the end of the street

...and here are the chords:
Dm - G - Dm - G - Dm - A - Dm
Dm - G - Dm - G - Dm - A - Dm
Bb - F - Gm - Dm - A - Dm
Gm - C - A - Dm - Gm - A - Dm

Please feel free to transpose the chords and to change the amount and positions of the choruses.
Tag this "explorethecore"
Hint: Please do not listen to my a capella song "Strange" before doing your contribution!

Have fun! Smile

Is that supposed to be F sharp sharp minor?

Oh, this sounds like a fun challenge. I'm going to come up with something. Yay!

Here's mine: *18189 No demo yet, but I will let you know when it's up.

Edit: After hearing "Strange", I just realized how slow my song really is! I guess that's the fun part of the challenge, not knowing the pacing of the song!

Should I list you as a collaborator, since I can't take credit for your words?

I wanted to know as well! Good call!!

Mine is finally up! http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/18189

Though still I don't know whether credit reklov as the co-writer. :/

...just returned home after an extended weekend - and couldn't believe my eyes: already THREE contributions to my challenge (I never expected any response for)!!! Yes! I like it! I like it! I like it! Smile Smile Smile
This is SO interesting and cool to hear what other 5090ers have made out of my lyrics! Thank you all for contributing!

@downburst It's what I thought to fit best. But you can use a Bb chord instead (or any other, just as you like)! Smile
@Rainchaser, @colgoo and @ZsuzsaDoe I don't know how the question of being a collab or not was handled in the past with this challenge (maybe some more experienced 5090ers could help with that?). I for myself would leave this decision in your hands: If you want to have a collaboration in your song list you can make this one. If not, it's your own song! Smile

I put you as a co-writer in my lyric notes. I thought it might mess up your song count if everyone who did the challenge listed you as a collaborator....I decided to treat this kind of like the Auntie Sin challenge and give you some credit. But since we weren't discussing whether or not you liked my direction, I saw it as less of a collaboration and more that you were giving us explicit permission to play around with your core song and make it our own.

This is fine by me. It's okay!

Is it supposed to be F##m (=Gm) or F#m? Makes a total difference in how i hear the chorus!

It is Gm. You're right, it's the same as F##m. That was what autochords.com gave me. I corrected that in my posting. Thanks!

OK. My take on Explore the Core is here: *18308

EDIT: And I'm humming my own silly tune a day later. Thinking of reusing the tune/chord structure with a new set of words.