Expand!2 - "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

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This may be of interest to some. Plugin Boutique (and maybe some other vendors) are currently selling the Air Expand!2 VSTi for one dollar, one euro or one pound depending on your locality,

This is a 2500 preset VST that was originally developed as part of ProTools. Presets are well categorised and mostly good quality. It would make a decent sketchpad collection for those who aren't already maxed out with sound choices.


I have this software and it's awesome! At that price, it's a no-brainer people! Smile

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How is this possible? I'm not complaining...I mean, I recently got a chance to mess with the trial version. I'm somewhat reluctant...but I'm going to go for it!


does it use iLok or any other hassle or just an install?

@tcelliott - It uses the software version of iLok.

Not sure why Air have chosen to sell it at that price - presumably they need to boost their brand recognition and Expand!2 is no longer selling for them at normal prices (maybe there's a new version in the works and they hope lots of $1 buyers will upgrade).