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Every find a song, within all this work, life, collabs and etc. you forgot about, see/hear it, find it, stumble across it and wonder, "damn, that's a good song, who's is it?", and it's yours?

It's happened to me, not often, but a couple of time; months later, -- it's more self validating than anything else. And, I don't mean in an ego way, more like if you ever had any doubts if you should be "making music", -- humble validation.

Scenario #2 Smile
Also, mentioned previously, family, wife, etc., none care about music at all, -- figures, right! Crazy
---- Anyway, so my wife who doesn't get music, or particularly fond of mine Smile hahhh... she walks in on me going through a play list, (I'll BlueTooth to a nice "stereo" sometimes to pick stuff) ... so she walks in and wants to know who "that" is, never heard it before and sounds "pretty good"... "who's that" (I play allot of music by others). So she's expecting zyx-name persons stuff she's never heard... but hahhh, no, it's me.
-- Then she says, "yeah, I always said you were good"... uh, no, she didn't Crazy -- interesting the kinds of folks who wind up together, 180 degrees in some ways, aye?!

(I play 'cause I love it, mom's not hear telling me how great I am Crazy )

---- You?

Yes! Very validating and a wonderful feeling when either of those scenarios occur. And when it's someone asking you who that is, it's humorous to boot.

That's awesome! That's never happened, but I do go back through my list and think... I have no idea what that song is. I'll have to listen to it to remember, and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised.

@katpiercemusic - You're describing what I was planning on writing about! Just the other day I went back for a listen from FAWMs and 50/90s from five or so years ago - often I saw a title and thought, "I don't remember that - I'll give it a listen."
(I did that because after years of telling myself I'm going to re-record songs, I'm just going to start posting the demos I have on Bandcamp. i'll try to group them into cohesive albums - I bet I could do 20 or so albums! I'll be doing this - if I really do - for no other reason than personal fulfillment.)
@ustaknow - My wife likes my music. Al least that what she tells me. But I keep it really private - I think she's only heard two of this year's 50/90 songs.

I had that with earlier 5090s. I ended up putting the songs on cds so I can play them in the car when I'm driving alone or with the dog. My wife has liked ~ 2 songs in 16 years. Smile So I don't inflict them on her.

A couple of times I had written a song, maybe played it once or twice at a song circle or open mic, then 'forgot about' it. Except someone remembered it and requested that I play it.

Yeah, I've already started to find songs in my personal archive that are better than I remembered them!

Both ways, yes.

I just went through my "ideas" folder and I've come up with music a couple of times and have done nothing with them. (To be fair, I think they were intended for collabs I failed to follow through with.)

And I often go back through old recordings and discover things I'd forgotten about. I just went through all the 50/90 stuff for the past *gasp* eleven years to find the one song per year to make a list (on that other thread) and it was eye raising. Both in terms of songs I'd forgotten about and also the.. umm... inconsistent quality of the songwriting. To say the least.

Haven't had scenario 1, but definitely scenario 2.
When someone asks me "Who is that??" because they are digging it, it feels friggin' awesome lol
Sometimes, I mess around and give them some bogus name.
Once, before one of my cousins knew my "artist" name...I told him, "Oh, this dude splittybooms. He's real good, I like a lot of his stuff!" He says, "wow, I should check him out..."
heh heh
I used to go back to this year's fawm stuff and listen through it, wondering what people might think of the weirdo who made these songs lol But, I listen to my stuff all the time; listening for flaws, for things to improve, for tracks that I should give another chance, blahblahblah
So one day everything will sound awesome and I'll be like "why did I abandon THAT?!"...
And the next day I can hear the same stuff and think "I hate my music..."
Go figs.

Interesting you mention this as I was digging through archives this week and heard songs I did that I haven't heard in years. Was it good? Yeah, much better than anything I've done in recent years. I have better musical equipment now then I did then and still, the old tracks were better. My mixing was better and my playing was better. I worked with musical collaborators a lot back then. I did especially well when I had a singer to work with. That said, I held my own on the vocals as well. Some of my songs make me cringe but some make me think, "wow, this is really good".

Where do I go from here? I don't know. Honestly, I haven't felt like playing music in quite some time. Retirement is just a matter of time when I make it official. However, I still like writing lyrics and do collaborate. I just can't play very good anymore so I don't get involved with the recording process.

It feels sort of odd that I only started in 2014. I started 50/90 the following year.

I did my first skirmish in FAWM of 2016. Suddenly I had a process to write 50+ songs in a month.

I have written lyrics for songs that have never had proper demos floating around. My first 50/90 was mostly lyrics. I've also written 50+ sets of lyrics for Christmas gifts outside of the normal events.

There are so many songs I only barely recall. That's actually one of the reasons I've been releasing albums this year. It's easier to relisten to my stuff when it's readily available.