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In my first FAWM last year I contacted a songwriter who'd posted some lyrics that needed music and offered to finish that song. I saved the lyrics into my Big Google Doc Of Lyrics, but I never finished the thing.

Well, now I've got a good idea for it... but I never wrote the lady's username down.

Of course the 2017 FAWM site was emptied long ago, but does anyone have a clue on how I might track her down and ask her if she's still okay with it? I mean, maybe she wrote the song in the intervening 18 months... It's a long old time.

Try the Wayback Machine

go here,*/

click on any of the highlighted calendar dates after February and see if you can locate her or the song in the archive.

Thanks @johnstaples and also @ustaknow who helped with this. I couldn't find her though. Here's the song anyway. I won't use it outside of this 50/90.