End-of-50/90 SUPER SKIRMISH!!! Today, 30th Sept

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Hey guys!

As 50/90 comes to an end we are having a final Super Skirmish TODAY!!
The fun kicks off at 20:00 BST (London) - 19:00 GMT/UTC - 15:00 New York - 12:00 PDT
(Time Zone Converter) http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

This is my first time hosting a Super Skirmish and I hope as many can join in as possible. So let's go out with a bang! Smile Smile
****We still need more hosts in order to make this work! All you will have to do is post a title of your choice at a designated time using the skirmish template. Please message below if you are able to join in the fun.

WHAT: 12 Skirmishes will be posted over 24 hrs (1 every two hrs)
1) At the start of the event, a title will be announced.
2) All participants write and record a song to that title. They have an hour to do so.
3) Participants share links to their songs. Fun and embarrassment ensues. But most importantly, one more song is written!

Hosting Times in UTC, please convert them yourself using the link above, as it's giving me a headache! Biggrin
So far we have:
19:00 @Jibbidy34
21:00 [@brrrse]
23:00 @helen
01:00 @johnstaples
03:00 @metalfoot
05:00 [@brrrse]
07:00 [@brrrse]
09:00 @tootoobee
11:00 @AndyGetch
13:00 @Jibbidy34
15:00 @marvsmooth
17:00 @Jibbidy34

What day? starting today? I can host some tonight and in the morning. I'll know more when I know the available times

I can do 11pm utc/ midnight but as long as it's just posting a title. Alternatively, I could probably do 9am utc/ 10am bst tomorrow. Between those times I intent to be asleep Smile

Great @helen I've given you 11pm UTC. Do you want to do another as well?

You're confusing me with UTC/BTC ... so 19 UTC is the "normal" London 20:00 skirmish time I guess, and 21:00 CET (Summer Time). Then, I could do skirmishes starting 7 am UTC (maybe better 9am to be on the save side) tomorrow morning.

[@brrrse] I have added the times in the list above, please let me know which ones you want.

Thank you @tootoobee I've put you down for 09:00 UTC Smile

I'll take the 3:00 slot (10 pm my time).

Great, thank you @metalfoot I have put you down for 03:00 UTC Smile


What times would you like @johnstaples ?

I'll take the 1:00 slot (8pm my time)

Thank you! @johnstaples 01:00 is yours Smile

Again...what DAY? Today? Tomorrow?

Yes, today. Because tomorrow would be too late to start.

Hi [@brrrse] it is today (says it at the top). Can we put you down for a time?

Georgie, just so I'm clear...the 19:00 skirmish starts in a little more than an hour and a half from now. Correct?

@johnstaples yes that is correct. I'll edit the post to make it more clear. Thanks John

Sorry it's taking me so long, my brain is not working today!! I cannot convert the time at all.

I"ll do the 2nd one, 2100? it's 2 PM LA,5 PM New York...
I can do the 500 UTC which is 10 PM LA, 2 AM New York
I can do the 700 UTC which is 12 PM LA, 4 AM New York

Thank you [@brrrse] I have updated the list. Smile

@Jibbidy34 I can host 11:00 UTC 7 am EST Saturday

Thank you @AndyGetch it's all yours Smile

Smile @Jibbidy34 I can also be a back up host at 13:00 UTC 9 am EST, at least to post a title. I have morning plans and will have to leave halfway through so won't be able to fully participate and comment. If another can host that may be better.

Put me down for one, but someone needs to contact me on Facebook to let me know when as it's Louise's birthday, and I'll be busy.