End of 50/90 Super Skirmish??

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Is anyone interested in doing a super skirmish to finish off 50/90? Would be a fun way to see out the end. We would need 12 hosts.... who's in?

I might host one round if I can make it work with other things I have going on.

Okay cool @metalfoot. Anyone else up for hosting one? I'm happy to host 1 or 2.

Does anyone know when 50/90 finishes? Is it midnight on Oct 1st EST or GMT or...

I can host, too

Hey @Jibbidy34, I would definitely like to get in on writing during a sooperskirmish! If you get one going I would be willing to host Friday evening or Saturday afternoon (Chicago time).

I believe it's midnight at the end of 1 October at the international dateline. I think that means we have until 1pm on Saturday BST, but it could be either 11am if I got the calculation wrong, or midday, if the IDL also has daylight savings...

Is anyone else interested in hosting a skirmish so I can put together a list?