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Hi Eric - got an odd one: when a user posts a song that's hosted on Soundcloud, the embedded player in Firefox just shows a grey Soundcloud logo. I'm using NoScript, but fawmers.org is whitelisted and all permissions are enabled. Flash plugin is up to date.

Using Chrome, the file appears and plays fine. It's got me stumped.

@headfirstonly, what system are you on? FWIW, on Mac OSX 10.9.5 with latest Firefox build (and Ghostery, with 50/90 whitelisted), the embedded Soundcloud player seems to be working fine.

I'm running Win 7 professional. The web console throws up this error:

TypeError: this.getFlashPlugin(...).match(...) is null
t.exports.getFlashVersion() widget-96ed0b7a.js:5

I've reinstalled Flash, but still get the same behaviour.

Firefox seems to have taken an active dislike to Soundcloud - I now have a Win 7 machine and a Win 10 machine where it doesn't even show the grey Soundcloud logo any more - the page renders as if the player wasn't there, not even a carriage return to show it's missing. Chrome on the same machines plays the embedded links without complaint.


FWIW, on a number of mainstream web sites, the "js" component in nested elements, chokes, -- as you comment. So, for example, on a mainstream Financial site, this occurs, however, -- using "Opera" solves it. (On occasion, I use Chrome, however, only if I have to.)

"These" kinds of problems, are impossible to engage, and do see the Apple Platform working as commented. Moreover, "stuff" shows up, is visible, that I didn't know was there on, e.g. iPad.

Not all the browsers, well, they never did engage, i.e. flash, js, other the same. If the most wide open interpreters work, it's a good reason to be careful on those, -- using only for, e.g., SC.

-- My only real point here: yeah, you're not alone. Some stuff cleared up with update to js (made sure was up to date, since don't allow update w/o "permission", when stuff started to break, -- so I can have a clue as to why something else broke, etc.) Often, if the host coded the js "differently", this would not occur (not always the Browsers fault). Host's don't seem to regression test anymore, or, write for one specific interpreter. They need to test for (degrade for?), IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari (5) ... -- that's a lot of regression testing : )