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Use the FIRST result you get from each tool in the "Tools" link at the top and add the random progression you get from autochords.com to create a song:

1. Plot Spline ↔ Framing device for helping you devise plot and setting constraints for your song.
2. Struxxure ↔ A tool for uncovering possible outside-the-box song structures.
3. LyriCloud ↔ Creates a "cloud" of semantically-correlated words which you can explore to spark creativity.
4. Titular ↔ Generates several (potentially awkward) song titles for you to interpret and write about.
5. AutoChords - Generates a chord progression when you click "randomize" https://autochords.com/

To avoid the tyranny of choice, use the FIRST result, it's tempting to just keep clicking to get the one you like. If you really hate it, obviously it's a personal challenge, you can do what you like, but I think the constraints can cause unexpected creativity.

Pick one of the titles you get from your first "Titular result", use the song structure from your first Struxxure resulte, write the song in the framing given by Plot Spline, the chord progression from your first "randomize" chord progression from authochords, and use as many words as you can from your LyriCloud in the song.

I don't know how to tag songs for a particular challenge, but I'd aim for the tag [@eMusing]

I've got the lyrics and progression done for my first stab at this, but I'm waiting until I can at least track a demo to post it.

Background: I promised myself I would write at least one new song a month for an open mic I host down this way. It's coming down to the wire, and I wanted to do something different. I played a skirmish song last month, and wasn't feeling up for a skirmish. I wanted something a little more meaty in terms of time and structure/direction. I've never used the tools section during FAWM, so I figured I'd make use of it tonight. Originally I thought about using a random number of "rerolls" for each tool, but then I could get stuck on the tyranny of choice. I used the first result I got for each tool to compose a song, and I even used a chord progression generator tool for the chords, to really hem myself in. I think it turned out interesting, but I'll have to play it through a few times and get a demo up so that you all can be the judges. I wanted to share as a challenge, as I find challenges often help stimulate my creativity and I wanted to give back some of it.

Here is mine. Not sure what to do with it just yet. Probably have to go with a short chorus.

dey of the lit
too same to reveal
ohio stops
fanatic, one-legged, mexican
use it up

write a song in second person ("you") in which the main character is addressing the listener. the story takes place over a period of time, and the scene is an abstract, undefined place.

beginning cell changed child dawn day flesh forget hear hope humanness levity livingmeet omega peace playin quicker relationship roll spinning stars today wanna watch word


Creepy 2
G Major
G Em Am D

Em C F#dim Bm
D Bm Em A
C Am Dm G

Here's what I'm working with

-----------PLOT SPLINE

write a song in third person ("he/she/it") in which the main character is addressing the listener. the story takes place in the past, and the scene is a specific place.


Chorus verse chorus verse bridge verse chorus


again anger believe blue deathly draws dust eyes fill head hope life long moist mornin painrains sticky subsides swallow talk travel trust war waves world


pointing for wishes

rains faithful (what I chose)

sting the optimistic donkey

at yellow

in the unchained month


F Bb C C. (SAD)

All Chords in Key

F, Gm, Am, Bb, C, Dm, Edim

I tend to do this once or twice each FAWM and 50/90. I've come up with some decent songs this way. The Lyric Cloud is especially interesting sometimes and the constraints of the other tools can push you into areas you wouldn't normally go. I usually tag mine #MuseTools, because I'm using Muse Tools, but yeah, good challenge.

Oh, interesting... All the muses at once... I might try this.

Ok, finally got around to tracking mine. This was a fun exercise for sure.