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The edit function on the song page isn't working for me. Is it working for the rest of you ?

@Eric Distad should probably be aware of this issue. I'm guessing in the morning as he might have a gig tonight, if I remember correctly. If anyone else has this problem let us know. I'll do some playing in the a.m. when I have actual songs to post (or maybe p.m. depending on how late I sleep.)

I was able to edit my song (a few times, actually), but sometimes it was slow to load and then save the edit.

EDIT: I've discovered I can't edit comments on songs either.

I cannot edit comments I have left...

The issue with comment editing was a function of the Ajax comment - I've turned it off for now.

Are you all still seeing issues with song editing? I can't reproduce that at the moment...

@Eric Distad editing is working fine for me now. THANK YOU!!!